Check It Out, UP Diliman Alumni: They Finally Fixed Up Those AS Restrooms

Today's isko at iska will never understand.

( While most college days are always fun to look back on, there are a few things we don't remember too fondly: thesis, flaky groupmates, terror profs, first heartbreaks—whether romantic or academic—and for University of the Philippines - Diliman kids, the restrooms on either side of the Arts and Sciences building or AS (Pro tip to incoming freshies: nobody calls it Palma Hall). We're sure every isko and iska developed an entire strategy for using, or avoiding needing to use, these restrooms.

For as long as anybody can remember, these restrooms—for females on the right end of the hallway and males on the other side—have always been, well, unkempt. Unlit bulbs, missing locks and window panes, no running water, and a lot of creative vandalism were the norm for these restrooms, but it looks like today's kids will never know their old uh, charm. They've finally gotten the update they deserve. The transformation was unveiled in September, and if you're looking for a major nostalgia hit, then take a look at the pics below:

Why yes, that is a backlit mirror.
PHOTO BY James Tana
If it wasn't for the glass pane wall in the middle, it would be hard to believe this was the same restroom.
PHOTO BY James Tana
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The female restroom has also been given a complete overhaul, it seems. Look at all those working bulbs! 
PHOTO BY Uleb Nieto
PHOTO BY Uleb Nieto

While we know a clean and working bathroom is nothing to rejoice over—it's supposed to be the norm—government funding for state universities isn't exactly what could be called constant. Most of the buildings in the University of the Philippines - Diliman (UPD) are at least a couple decades old and while new ones have popped up over the past few years, this makeover proves the older structures aren't getting left behind. We're not sure if the crazy and clever vandalism on the cubicle doors survived the makeover, but for sure UPD kids are bound to find some other outlet. 

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