This Beginner's Guide to Astrology Will Take You on a Cosmic Ride

See what the stars have in store for you.

( If you've never looked up your horoscope, then you've never really lived. A strong statement, we know, but one we can back up—not with fact, admittedly, but with popular opinion. Everyone knows astrology is not an exact science but that only adds to people's fascination with it. So whether you're a certified zodiac enthusiast or just wondering what all the terms mean (sun, moon, and rising are only the tip of the iceberg), then check out Practical Magic: Your Guide to Everyday Astrology by Chinggay Labrador

PHOTO BY Mia Rodriguez
PHOTO BY Mia Rodriguez

What readers ought to note first about Practical Magic is that it's not an academic book. It is "a tool to ground yourself; a way to connect with others; fun; armchair expert-approved," according to the book itself. "In tune with today's meme culture, we're all taking ourselves a little less seriously and partaking in some good-hearted, self-deprecating, astrology-based fun."

PHOTO BY Mia Rodriguez

Practical Magic, apart from being full of soft-colored and mystic illustrations done by Monty Contreras, takes you on a journey through the basics of astrology, the 12 zodiac signs, what they mean, and what you can do with your newfound knowledge. Plus, a copy comes with 12 postcards featuring illustrated versions of each sign.

Practical Magic takes "what's usually looked at as a 'magical' concept and [makes] it more accessible," says Labrador in an exchange with What you get is is an endlessly amusing and easy-to-understand book that allows you to delve into the cosmic world of astrology and understand the sense behind the so-called "woowoo" magic.

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PHOTO BY Mia Rodriguez
PHOTO BY Mia Rodriguez
PHOTO BY Mia Rodriguez

Astrology can seem like a difficult concept to fully get behind. For author Labrador, the zodiac got her much the same it did everyone else: through the horoscopes found on the back of magazines or other periodicals. From there, she fell into astrology, something she feels the rest of the world is doing, too.

"People are moving towards 'woowoo' practices like tarot, crystals, and astrology as a way to counter all the cynicism spurred by what’s going on in the world and the 24-hour news cycle that goes with it," argues Labrador. Astrology is one way to connect with each other, she continues, despite the fact that none of it has ever been—or could ever be, we suppose—scientifically proven.

"I think if subscribing to something practical and magical like this makes you a kinder person, then that’s a good thing," adds the author. And in a world that constantly feels like it's on the edge of a great big war, we welcome any reminder of the goodness of humanity.

Practical Magic: Your Guide to Everyday Astrology (Summit Books, 2019) is currently available at Book Sale branches in Metro Manila priced at P450 each.

Photos by Mia Rodriguez.

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