10 Damn Interesting Subreddits to Fire Up Your Brain Cells

Not yet part of the Reddit rabbit hole?


(SPOT.ph) So what is Reddit? That’s a hard question to answer; the “front page of the Internet” contains way too much info to be pinned down. Reddit is basically a massive site that hosts all kinds of forums—people talking about or sharing content regarding anything you could possibly think of. People can post videos and pictures, or just questions, thoughts, and statements to fire up discussions.

If you’re not already in on it, you can start inching towards the rabbit hole by setting up your profile and checking out a few of the most popular and interesting Reddit forums (a.k.a. subreddits). Before you start, though, just remember that Reddit isn’t social media—it works more like a social news platform. You can’t just say whatever you want here, titos and titas, so brush up on your Reddiquette and remember to keep your identity secret (it’s still a ton of strangers on a single site).  Each subcommunity also has their own rules, too, so don’t forget to play nice!


Check out these 10 damn-interesting subreddits to fire up your brain cells:


Hello, I am an anesthesiologist, ICU physician, and have a PhD in Pharmacology. I'm here to discuss why "flattening the curve" matters. AMA! from r/IAmA

One of the coolest things about the Internet is that you can talk to anybody who is also online—and we mean literally. The IAmA subcommunity is one portal used specifically for that. Moderators tap anybody—including former U.S. President Barack Obama in 2012—to go live online and tell users to “Ask Me Anything.” While not all questions are guaranteed to be answered, the resulting thread can give you a peek into the lives of people like a COVID-19 frontliner, the medical chief writer of Associated Press, Bill Nye, a North Korean defector, and Snoop Dogg.

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[OC] COVID-19 spread from January 23 through March 14th. (Multiple people independently told me to post this here) from r/dataisbeautiful

They weren’t lying when they said that the Internet is information at your fingertips—presenting it in actually understandable ways is just a different matter altogether. Over at r/dataisbeautiful, members share hard data represented in clever and easy-to-understand visuals. The information is often bite-sized, but all posts are required to have a link back to the original full source so you can read up on the topic. Time to find out things you never knew you never knew!


We need a mandatory news show that debunks all the lies of the day more than we need actual news from r/Showerthoughts

Aside from winning imaginary arguments, the shower is also the best place to have sudden moments of extreme clarity. The Shower Thoughts subreddit is the best place to find random nuggets of questionable wisdom and post your own—whether or not the information is actually useful doesn’t matter. Plus, it doesn’t even have to be an epiphany you thought of while in the shower; just one that “highlights the oddities within the familiar.”



People who let their mom count to 0, what happened after? from r/AskReddit

This subreddit is pretty straightforward: Users can post relatively simple questions and people can answer. What makes it interesting are, of course, the kinds of questions and answers you get. Questions can range from grave ones (When did COVID-19 get real for you?) to some real debate-driving ones (If immortality was granted to one million individuals worldwide, what would be a fair selection process?) and some that are just for fun (What’s your favorite joke that no one ever laughs at?). The threads are a great peek into the lives and thoughts of others—and the discussions are always a fun read.


Our city is in lockdown and someone did this to help the stray dogs. from r/HumansBeingBros

Think of this subreddit as little snippets of prime Chicken Soup for the Soul content. Users can share pictures, videos, and texts of human beings doing acts of kindness for others. The content can be original or just stuff they saw elsewhere online. Either way, what’s important is the sweet little reminder that humanity isn’t all terrible.


[WP] Earth is sold on the Galactic Black Market. The Buyer is woefully underprepared to handle how defiant Humanity is from r/WritingPrompts

Time to flex your writing skills—or just enjoy the short stories people come up with on the Writing Prompts subreddit (and maybe be inspired to make your own!). In this subcommunity, users can post “prompts,” or short ideas and plot points that other users can stem off of to create longer stories in the comments. The subreddit pushes for mostly fiction or poetry, but there’s no need to limit your creativity—especially as the prompts themselves can get pretty wack on their own already.



Demonstration of water's surface tension from r/educationalgifs

GIFs—we don’t care how you pronounce it—are probably one of the most-popular forms of content online. So mix it with interesting and science-y content and you get the Educational GIFs subreddit. Users post fun GIFs showing anything from how something works to chemical processes or a scientific principle in action. It’s a great way to see the inner workings of the world around us.


My brain broke from r/toptalent

The rules for this subreddit are simple: just post videos or pics of people with “far-above-average talent” and make sure it isn’t fake. There isn’t a specific type of talent or skill either, so you can check out videos and pictures of people doing sports, music, art, magic, language, ventriloquism, cooking, or anything else in a way that’s almost superhuman. If you need motivation, then this is the subreddit you should check out!


Social Distancing. from r/Unexpected

This subreddit covers a pretty wide range of videos and GIFs—as long as they have a twist in them, then they count. Given that, this endless scroll is a hugely entertaining trove of short videos and gifs of pretty much anything that has a twist to it or has some simply unexpected content. Check out people pranking each other (and failing, most of the time), or random photo bombs and, true to the name, totally random unexpected turn of events.


Legendary scientist Marie Curie’s tomb in the Panthéon in Paris. Her tomb is lined with an inch thick of lead as radiation protection for the public. Her remains are radioactive to this day. from r/interestingasfuck

The name itself is pretty explanatory. This subcommunity is all about things that will get your brain cells doing a double take—enough for you to say “that’s interesting AF.” Content ranges from pictures of unique places around the world, rare things you don’t see every day, and even people who’ve done incredible feats. Posts can inspire mini-galaxy brain moments; it’s a great way to satisfy the curious cat in you.



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