10 YouTube Channels to Follow If You're Getting Into Gardening

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(SPOT.ph) Now that most of us are staying home (and will keep doing so in the foreseeable future), there may be some who have gotten their hands dirty—quite literally—by getting into gardening. But as relaxing as it may be, this hobby sometimes poses the most difficult questions: Why isn’t my seed sprouting? Why is my little basil dying? What kind of soil should I use? How often should I water my cactus? You get the picture. During these moments, Google is your friend, but it’s always best to get planting know-how from those who've gone through the plantito and plantita journey long before you. 


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Subscribe to these YouTube channels for your regular dose of planting tips and tricks:

Prakriti's Garden


Prakriti's Garden was launched in 2017 by Reshma—a plant lover since childhood who took up graduate studies in plant breeding. Her YouTube page is a mix of her own gardening experience and some science tips for growing your own flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Her most-watched video to date? Growing coriander at home in water with a whopping 17 million views!

The Millennial Farmer PH


Philippine-based The Millennial Farmer is on a mission to "make farming great again" by inspiring her generation to get into urban gardening. Her topics range from how to plant vegetables if you have limited space to starting a backyard farm with your own papaya and calamansi trees. Apart from farm tours, she also uploads viral Internet challenges, with the farm as her background, of course.

Recommended Videos

Urban Gardening


A telecommunications engineer by profession, Mohit Kumar Singh Rajput from India started his YouTube channel in 2016 but has been passionate about gardening for more than 18 years. His videos feature easy-to-follow instructions on growing fruits, vegetables, and flowers from seeds. He makes it look easy to grow plants in containers—something you can learn from especially if you're growing your own herbs from your windowsill. 

Epic Gardening


Started in 2013 by Kevin Espiritu, Epic Gardening focuses on how you can grow your own fresh food all year round. It features clips on hydroponic, aquaponic, urban gardening, DIYs on composting and pest control, and regrowing vegetable scrap. There are also tips on how to choose a grow light, seed storage, drilling holes in pots, and making your own soil mix. His goal? To help more than 10 million people learn how to grow their own food and reconnect to nature. 


Crazy Plant Guy


Christian, who goes by the moniker Crazy Plant Guy is, well, crazy about plants. He even takes photos with them. The vlogger based in Canada describes himself as "Just a regular guy who loves plants and sharing my houseplant journey and crazy plant life with all of you." His videos mostly focus on houseplants, so you may want to take a look if your plant babies have been taking over your home lately. Plus, he has a video where he makes a stop at Jollibee—where he reveals he's actually Filipino!

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Learn to Grow


The woman behind Learn To Grow is a mother of four so expect a lot of budget tips for gardening. Her videos showcase regrowing vegetable leftovers, DIY starter pots, saving seeds, and indoor gardening. You can visit her other page The Crafty Mom if you’re getting into arts and crafts, too. 

DIY Garden



DIY Garden's playlist is filled with garden inspo matched with relaxing music. Whether you want to renovate your front yard, fix your container garden, or get into landscaping—there's a DIY Garden clip for you. 



Lucas of LucasGrowsBest has been growing food since 2012 and sharing useful how-to's through his YouTube since 2017. Some videos feature comedy skits that will make you want to watch until the end. Plus, if you love tomatoes, he has a playlist dedicated to the art and science of growing them! 


If you have too many houseplants, you can probably relate to Planterina and learn a thing or two from how she gets rid of plant pests and how she styles greenery in her living room. (She even has a video titled "Too Many Houseplants.") Planterina comes out with new videos every Tuesday and Friday. 

Garden Answer


The answers to life's biggest questions may be hard to find, but Garden Answer has everything you need about growing your flower garden. You'll get lots of ideas and tips, like repurposing tins as pots, making miniature gardens, designing your flower boxes, and sharpening your tools.


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