Must-See Space: This Beach House in Batangas Is What Dream Vacations Are Made Of

This home is all about marveling at breathtaking views and savoring quiet time.

presello house
PHOTO Courtesy of Presello ILLUSTRATION War Espejo

( Going on a quick weekend getaway is one thing, having a house outside the Metro you can escape to whenever you want to is another. Have you ever wished you had a beach house outside the city? Think clear skies (no smog!), fresh air, and calming views—you’re guaranteed to get all the rest you need and forget the things that stress you out without having to check in or check out.

We bet these are the things the owners of this stunning beach house in Batangas take pleasure in. Balai Tropicale is an Asian Tropical-inspired home that offers unlimited views of nature and a relaxing vibe that can lull you sleep. A collaboration between the owners’ architect and Cacho Constructions, Inc., the secluded escape flaunts a 744sqm floor area, 847sqm lot area, five bedrooms, a wraparound balcony, and swimming pools. Yup, plural.


Take a peek inside Balai Tropicale, a Presello house in Batangas, and find out why it’s the ideal beach house peg:

It has a striking façade with double-entry doors.

Presello House: Balai Tropicale facade
PHOTO Courtesy of Presello
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The façade clues you in on the home’s Asian tropical design as seen on the combination of glass, wood, and concrete. Though not seen in the photo, the double doors feature sophisticated carvings showcasing palm trees.

The ground floor has an open layout.

Presello House: Balai Tropicale living room with open layout
PHOTO Courtesy of Presello

To enable the owners to entertain guests with ease during get-togethers, the living, dining, and kitchen areas occupy an open space. The ground floor gets plenty of natural light—thanks to the sliding glass doors and windows which also contribute to cross-ventilation.

The dining table is refurbished from a bowling lane.

Presello House: Balai Tropicale dining table is refurbished from a bowling lane
PHOTO Courtesy of Presello

Yup, you read that right—a bowling lane! It’s a solid wood table that can seat 12 people comfortably. Choosing an open layout is a wise move as it enables the owners to converse with guests even while preparing food. 

The kitchen has a modern tropical flair.

Presello House: Balai Tropicale's modern kitchen
PHOTO Courtesy of Presello
Presello House: Balai Tropicale's kitchen countertops
PHOTO Courtesy of Presello

The kitchen has quartz countertops, sleek cabinets, and lighting pieces handpicked by the owners. The best part? It has a water filtration system so the owners can drink water straight from the tap. The daily kitchen has synthetic countertops, modular cabinets, an ice maker, and a pantry. It also has a door that leads to the garage and the staff quarters.

The swimming pools were made with tiles from Spain.

Presello House: Balai Tropicale's swimming pool
PHOTO Courtesy of Presello

The mosaic tiles perfectly match the color of the sky. To ensure the safety of the owners and their kids, the pool area also has a pool deck made using PVC wood to avoid slipping while making sure it can withstand outdoor elements.

The ceiling and eaves are made of tiger grass reeds.

Presello House: Balai Tropicale's ceiling and eaves are made of tiger grass reeds
PHOTO Courtesy of Presello
Presello House: Balai Tropicale's ceiling and eaves are made of tiger grass reeds
PHOTO Courtesy of Presello

These reeds not only go with the theme, it can also double as accents that work well with the ceiling fans. According to Cacho Constructions, Inc., the reeds were purchased in Tagaytay.

It has natural limestone cladding.

Presello House: Balai Tropicale has a natural limestone cladding
PHOTO Courtesy of Presello

Aside from tiger grass reeds, the columns of the house also make use of Calatagan stone (natural limestone) which are best admired from the pool area.

The bedrooms have tanguile wood flooring.

Presello House: Balai Tropicale's bedrooms have tanguile wood flooring
PHOTO Courtesy of Presello

To highlight the beauty of the wood, the contractor just varnished the flooring. In this bedroom occupied by the owners, the glass doors open up to a seating area by the pool and garden. 

The staircase is made of dalingdingan wood.

Presello House: Balai Tropicale's staircase is made of dalingdingan wood
PHOTO Courtesy of Presello

The choice of natural materials really give the home that polished tropical look. The staircase also has señorita steps, besides being childproofed with a safety gate.

The family area offers two marvelous views.

Presello House: Balai Tropicale's family area
PHOTO Courtesy of Presello

Since the family area on the second floor landing is open on both sides, the owners can marvel at the sea on one side and the mountains on the other side. The cool bonus? One side gives a view of the sunrise and the other lets them watch the sunset. It also has a cathedral type of ceiling to maximize the roof line. 

The owners paid attention even to the smallest of details when it comes to materials.

Presello House: Balai Tropicale
PHOTO Courtesy of Presello

The cabinets have lovely solihiya details to match the tropical theme, while the knobs and handles of each one were chosen by the owners. They aren’t ordinary knobs; each highlights intricate details as well.

You can savor the views anywhere in the house.

Presello House: Balai Tropicale's guest room
PHOTO Courtesy of Presello

Each bedroom has glass doors and windows where you can just look out and take in the view. In this bedroom, the occupant also has a window seat the doubles as storage.

The wraparound balcony is an outdoor area on its own.

Presello House: Balai Tropicale's balcony
PHOTO Courtesy of Presello

Just outside one of the rooms is a swinging egg chair while the main balcony area is kept open with just a seating nook. It’s also the best spot where the view of the sea is best relished.

Discover more details about this home when you watch the video below:

For more details, visit Presello's website or their Facebook page.

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