These Services Can Make Your Tiny-House Dreams Come True in a Matter of Days

Save time and money when you build your dream space.

prefab modular houses
PHOTO BY Facebook/Indigo Prefab House; Facebook/Cubo Modular

( Are you a member of the many home-related groups dominating social media these days? Scrolling through them will give you an idea of how many are getting into homeownership and home improvement projects, and chances are, you’ve stumbled upon photos of modular or prefab houses.


Prefab houses have been around for years, and they've built up a following for being sturdy while staying easy on the pocket—a prefab house can be completed within a short period of time compared to building a house the traditional way. With convenience and cost two of the most important considerations when it comes to constructing a home, the idea of going prefab sounds enticing, more so if you also want to transition to tiny-house living. Curious about modular housing? We’ve rounded up companies that offer prefab housing services you can consider once you’re ready to build your first home.

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Considering prefab houses for your first home? Check these services out:

CUBO Modular

Cubo Modular
PHOTO BY Facebook/Cubo Modular
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Price range: Varies according to house model; starts at P89,000

CUBO offers a better way to build your dream home as they can deliver a versatile and sustainable space that’s customizable according to your needs while guaranteeing a fast build. They use engineered bamboo as the main building material, giving each finished project a tropical touch. There are different house models available according to size, one of which is the standard type Sarangani Model, a 29sqm two-bedroom home. CUBO Modular is a play on the services they offer—bamboo house kits and modular spaces.

For more information, visit CUBO Modular's website or visit their Facebook page.

Bahay Makabayan Modular & Pre-Fab

Bahay Makabayan
PHOTO BY Bahay Makabayan

Price range: Varies per house model, starts at P15,000 to P20,000 per square meter

Bahay Makabayan has different house models named after Philippine heroes. Their website has all the details you need to know—from how many people can live in a house comfortably to the floor area and number of bathrooms. Aside from being easy to build, each Bahay Makabayan home is also earthquake-resilient and flood-resistant, thanks to its traditional anchoring system and stretched-out concrete columns, respectively.

For more information, visit Bahay Makabayan's website or Facebook page.

Prefab Homes PH by Top-Notch Construction

Prefab Homes PH
PHOTO BY Facebook/Prefab Homes PH

Price range: P199,000 (studio type) to P544,000 (two-bedroom)

It’s no secret that one of the best things about prefab homes is the fast completion. Prefab Homes PH can deliver the home you want according to schedule, depending on how big your chosen design is. Aside from on-time delivery, the company also offers a competitive price, noting that they are “the cheapest contractor around.” They can offer lower costs because they have their own supply store which allows them to use quality materials at a lesser price.

For more information, visit Prefab Homes PH's website or Facebook page.

Indigo Prefab House

Indigo Prefab House
PHOTO BY Facebook/Indigo Prefab House

Price range: Starts at P150,000 (for Prefab Container Home)

With over 12 years of experience in distributing prefab housing solutions, Indigo Prefab has their share of affordable options, with a container home measuring 2.5m x 6m x 2.5 m priced at P150,000. This house comes with vinyl flooring, a door panel, and electrical materials. Indigo also offers free delivery and installation within Metro Manila.

For more information, visit Indigo Prefab's website or Facebook page.

SmartHouse Philippines


Price range: Varies depending on design

SmartHouse has a diverse portfolio, having worked on prefab warehouses and pre-engineered buildings, to standard prefab houses and luxury prefab villas. In fact, they built Derek Ramsay’s modern glass house in Palawan. SmartHouse designs customizable, sturdy, and elegant homes that can stand the test of time so clients can rest easy knowing that the home they have is built to last. Their standard prefab house can have a maximum of three floors, with the minimum size of the first floor measures 3.8m x 3.8m.

For more information, visit SmartHouse Philippines' website or their Facebook page.

Prefab PH

Prefab PH

Price range: Available upon request

Prefab PH can work on container homes, prefab villas, and modular log cabins. With roofing and flooring made of spruce wood, the modular log cabin can be assembled or disassembled more than six times. It has a life span of 30 to 100 years—the thicker the walls, the longer the lifespan.

For more information, visit Prefab PH’s website.

MyHouse Philippines

MyHouse Philippines
PHOTO BY Facebook/MyHouse Philippines

Price range: Available upon request

Aiming to support the sustainable community lifestyle of Filipinos, MyHouse provides state-of-the-art modular building technology to deliver durable and affordable housing structures. One of their promises is flexibility—their technology can help you achieve the right space according to your needs. You can have a remote workstation, an extra kitchen, and room for a growing family. Collaborating with their architects is encouraged to make it truly your house.

For more information, visit MyHouse Philippines on Facebook.


PHOTO BY WallCrete

Price range: Available upon request/discussion with client; can save up to 15% on project cost

In delivering homes that last, WallCrete works with the patented Vazbuilt Technology to ensure quality yet easy-to-build structures. Aside from building systems and parts, WallCrete also has a DIY option, helping homeowners keep within their specified budgets. For the DIY option, homeowners can build their own home using the precast modular system by Wallcrete. This doesn’t mean they won’t help you, though. Those who buy parts from them will be given installation training, a safety seminar, and milestone checkups.

For more information, visit WallCrete’s website or Facebook page.

Nest Box Philippines

Nest Box PH
PHOTO BY Facebook/Nest Box PH

Price range: Varies according to type of house; 20-feet prefabricated modular house starts at P175,000

Nest Box takes pride in using advanced engineering technology to be able to offer modern yet cost-efficient housing solutions to its clients. One of its bestselling houses is the 20-foot prefab modular house, a low-cost and quick-build option. The exterior and interior of the house can be designed upon request as Next Box also has a team of architects and designers. According to their Facebook page, the structure of the 20-foot prefab house can be done in just two days—including plumbing and electrical works.

For more information, visit Nest Box Philippines' Facebook page.

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