Migrating to the U.S.? These Professions Are Likely To Get a Visa Approval

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In this digital era, it should come as no surprise that computer-related professionals are the most needed immigrants at the moment. If you're a tech professional seeking a visa abroad, then you're in luck. The U.S. government wants you.

According to a report by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, computer-related occupations are the professions that are most likely to get approved for H-1B visa petitions. From the 426,710 H-1B visa petitions filed in 2020, 426,710 were approved. And of that number, 69.5% of those approved petitions were from the computer-related field. 


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Approved H-1B Petitions in 2020 
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The next most popular visa-friendly professions are architecture, engineering, surveying, administrative specializations, education, medicine and health, mathematics and physical health, among others. But none are even close to taking over the first place position of computer-related occupations. 

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What Is the H-1B Visa?

The H-1B visa is a visa class reserved for professionals with special skills and a higher level of education. While the H-1B is classified as a "non-immigrant" visa, it's widely known as a potential stepping stone for permanent residency in the U.S. 

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As for the nationalities of visa seekers, Indians have the most granted H-1B visas  with 319,000 petitions approved. The Philippines is among the top 10 origin countries for U.S. visa seekers, but we're still far from first place with 2,711 H-1B visas granted to Filipinos. Overall, majority of H-1B visa seekers to the U.S. are coming from Asia, with countries like India, China, South Korea, the Philippines, and Taiwan topping H-1B visa applications. 

If you're a student wondering what field to pursue or a professional considering a career change, then computer-related professions are the way to go if migration is on your mind. 

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