How GoTyme Is Changing the Digital Banking Game With You in Mind

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GoTyme Digital Bank App Launch

( If there's one thing Filipinos learned from the pandemic , it's that digital channels offer safe and convenient ways to manage almost everything, including finances. We're all about helping you make your money work for you, so allow us to introduce GoTyme, a new digital bank that aims to unlock your financial potential through speedy services you can access with ease.

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What's GoTyme?

GoTyme Bank is a partnership between the Gokongwei Group in the Philippines and Tyme, South Africa's first-ever digital bank. 

Very briefly, GoTyme is a digital bank with a corresponding app where you can save, shop, and invest. Everything starts online, but it also comes with a physical card you can use to transact in the real world. Registering for the app technically means opening up a legitimate bank account.

Why GoTyme?

Users can avail three free bank transfers weekly and get three times more GoRewards points every time they transact at partner stores using the GoTyme app. 

Savings accounts on the GoTyme app have a permanent 3% annual interest rate. You read that right—it's not just a limited promo, it's here to stay.

Starting an account and getting your card is possible in under five minutes, from inputting details to slipping a sheet of plastic into your wallet. Don't worry about maintaining balance either, as there's no minimum to keep the account active.


According to GoTyme, they're looking to operate 226 cash-in and cash-out locations, with 3,000 cashier points where users can transact without extra charges or hidden fees.

While banks both traditional and digital are working to do customer service right, GoTyme promises a human touch to its services: a team of customer success advocates committed to resolving your issues within 2 minutes, and in just a few hours should it demand some serious back-end work to fix your problems.

Should you decide to go to a kiosk in person, bank ambassadors will be there to assist you in opening an account or claiming your free card.

gotyme card
Printed in one minute.
PHOTO BY Clara Rosales

How to register online

Download the free app on iOS or Android and register your full name along with your other details like date of birth, residence, and nature of work. Double-check everything because these can no longer be corrected once you’re registered (Technically you can, but you'll have to go through customer service).

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After you input your details, prepare to scan your valid ID. Place the ID within the box and make sure you’re in well-lit area where the camera can register the ID without any glare or obstructions. The app will automatically pick up your details and pertinent numbers from the card. If there are any mistakes, this can be corrected after registration.

The app will scan your face to register an identity and match the features to the ID you uploaded to secure your account. This step was surprisingly breezy and finished in a snap, compared to other apps that implement the same safety feature.

Once you’re registered, you’ll gain access to a digital card with a card number, expiry date, and security code. To get an actual debit card, you need to visit a GoTyme kiosk and print your card.

gotyme card
All details are on the back so you can post the front, in case you want your card on your social media grid.
PHOTO BY Clara Rosales

Getting your card

gotyme kiosk
You can get open an account or print a free card through GoTyme kiosks.
PHOTO BY Clara Rosales

GoTyme promises a free debit card printed right after you open an account. Using the kiosk, log in using your mobile number and pin. After confirming, tap print and wait for your card. It’ll be out in exactly one minute—we timed it—with your full name, card number, security code, and expiry date all printed at the back. Its sleek design belongs in any aesthetic feed, just don't post your details at the back.

The card has a chip, a strip, and is PayWave enabled so you can also pay with a swipe or a tap of your card. We’re not going to lie, it’s pretty cool waiting for a card to come out, all personalized and shiny.

Open an account from the kiosk

If you don’t have access to the app or you’d much rather go straight to the kiosk, you can also start an account from the machine. Simply scan your ID, supply your details, and print your free card.

There are currently 15 kiosks located in Robinsons establishments, with a total of 226 units deployed by the end of 2022. Roughly 700 kiosks are expected to be out by the end of 2023.

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