How to Disable That Annoying @Everyone Tag on Facebook

@everyone shortcut on Facebook
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( Ever received a tag notification in a group chat on Facebook only to find out the message is for everybody, not just for you?

Messenger first introduced the "@everyone" shortcut tag in March 2022 as a quick way to call every group member's attention so nobody misses out on an important message. Instead of tagging your friends individually, all you have to do is to type in "@everyone" and everybody in that group gets a notification.

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This feature was also recently used in Facebook groups where members can tag @everyone in a post they want everybody to see, according to an Inc. report. It can be extra useful for group administrators or moderators who want to direct their members' attention to important announcements or upcoming events, especially if the group is highly active

While it's perfect for time-sensitive questions that need everybody's consensus such as impromptu get-togethers, it gets annoying when it gets abused by group members and does nothing to help those with notification anxiety.


How to disable the @everyone tag on Facebook

Facebook Messenger
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According to Facebook, users who muted their group chat won't receive a notification. But for those who can't mute their group chats, try disabling the tag itself. Based on experience, users who disable this feature also can't tag everyone in group chats.

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While we have yet to discover if this also works in Facebook groups, the following steps will disable the @everyone tag on group chats.

1. Go to the Menu and click the Settings icon.

2. Click Profile Settings.

3. Tap "Notification settings"

4. Scroll down and click "Tags"

5. Toggle off the "Batch @everyone mentions"

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