50 Best Planners for 2013

Who says it’s too late to start planning?

(SPOT.ph) We’re positive thinkers, and we like to believe that the world still has a chance of surviving 2012. Then again, we’re probably just looking for an excuse to buy a new planner. Planners used to be such simple things; a notebook to keep track of appointments and dates, a physical manifestation of our daily activities. But planner enthusiasts know that this notebook, nay, this device is no longer that simple. Nowadays, a planner doubles as a diary, a doodle book and a goal list all in one. Some might say that it’s an expression of themselves, thanks to the personal touches we put with each entry.

Before the Christmas rush, and before you slurp on hundreds of coffee drinks for a planner, check out our list of 50 of the best planners we’ve spotted for 2013.


Planners for the doodlers, the dreamers and designers. Click for more!

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