Picks: 10 Coolest Lunchboxes

It's all in the bag.


( Back in the days of Crayola and Lisa Frank folders, lunchboxes spoke volumes about your personality. If you didn't have the latest Astroboy metal tin box, you might as well be eating your peanut butter and jelly sandwich alone. We kid, of course, but if you’re tired of brown-bagging it, these lunch boxes will make you look forward to lunch.

Brown Paper Bag (P995)

It's like the good ol’ days but without the hassle of it getting ripped to shreds.

Available at Quirks.

Compleat Foodskin (Around P1,460)

The kind of lunchbox that's flexible enough to carry anything from sandwiches to subs? We're sold.

Available online at Unikia.


DCI Gift Collapsible Lunch Box (P795)

Just like our favorite t-shirt, we like the ones that fit just right. This one has everything and more! (We like how it collapses for easy storage.)

Available at Rustan's.


Fred & Friends Lunch Bugs Sandwich Bags (P1,200/box)

Protect your food from pesky hands with these pest-printed sandwich bags.

Available at Hobbes and Landes.


Electric Lunchbox (P559)

Does your food get cold by lunch time? Solve that inevitable baon problem with this nifty lunchbox that warms it for you. Now why didn’t we think of this?

Available online at


Pumped® Flask Cooled Lunch Boxes (P339.75)

This handy lunchbox comes complete with a small flask. Tiny and lightweight, it’s perfect for busy days that require you to go from one place to another.


Available at Howard Storage World.


Lollies Lunchbox (P550)

Large enough to hold your essentials for the day and cute enough to show off.

Available at FabManila


Hungry Jungle Spider Lunch Bag (P450)

This insulated spider lunch bag (it comes in other designs as well) is a testament to the fact that we're still kids at heart.

Available at Hobbes and Landes and Rustan’s branches


PAPAYA! Big Deal Insulated Lunch Bag (P995)

This locally made bag keeps our baon perfectly warm before we devour it. Who are we to complain?

Available online at


PlanetBox Launch (Around P2,925)

We're all about innovation here, but this metal lunch box wins us over by reminding us of those days when we ate rice meals and a bowl of fruit at the school canteen.

Available online at PlanetBox.

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