Weekend Escape: Roadtrip with The Luxe Bus

You won’t mind being stuck in traffic in here

The fleet and crew of The Luxe Bus


(SPOT.ph) As the name suggests, this is not your ordinary bus. A road trip with The Luxe Bus rivals flying first class in some of the world’s finest commercial airplanes. The interiors boast plush leather seats, wooden floors, and a kitchenette for your dining needs. Should you choose to rent it for long trips, a service crew will join you to attend to your needs. The chauffeurs even wear a fancy cap.


Being a wanderlust herself, the "captain" of the fleet, Angie Lu, originally designed the Acogedor bus for the benefit of her family. Everyone will agree that one of the things that transforms a dream vacation into a nightmare is the hassle of finding a reliable bus (we cannot turn a blind eye on unfortunate mishaps on the road) . There’s also the discomfort caused by being inside a cramped vehicle for hours. Lu wanted her family trips to be as stress-free as possible, but because it didn’t make sense to have such a pimpin’ ride gathering dust in the garage when they’re not out on the road, she made a decision to share the luxurious experience with the public. We’re glad she did.



The plush leather seats of the Acogedor


The "fleet" is composed of three buses: Acogedor (the first bus, and the bus that Lu personally calls dibs on for Holy Week), Estilo, and Indulgencia. We took a trip around the Makati area in the Acogedor, and if it weren’t for the Beyoncé concert they were playing for us on the flat screen TV, we would have dozed right off. They succeeded in making the traffic in Metro Manila tolerable. We all know that’s is not an easy feat.


The Acogedor is, in air travel terms, the "coach" bus, but we still felt like VIPs. Heck, we felt like VVIPs (Very, Very Important Passengers). With the ample head room and huge glass windows lessening the feeling of being boxed in, and in excruciatingly long trips to places like Baler, a bit of space to breathe and move around is welcome. Of course, the buses offer more than that.



The last two rows of Estilo have seats for face-to-face conversation


The interior of the Indulgencia


The amenities include small details like outlets so you may charge your smartphone or laptop, and it isn’t the just the Wi-Fi connectivity or the fully stocked mini-bar that tempts us to splurge on this indulgent ride. The safety features of the bus include GPS tracking, anti-lock braking system, preset speed limiter (hurrah!), and a guarantee that the buses are maintained regularly. After all, Lu and her family use the bus too.



Depending on which bus you rent, a day trip (15 hours) will set you back P30,000 to P60,000, excluding fuel cost and other fees. It may seem steep, but the Acogedor bus can accommodate 24 people, which translates to P1,250 per head. It’s a pretty good price for the comfort and, more importantly, the safety the bus offers.


Log on to TheLuxeBus.com for more information on each of the three buses. Call 216-3941 or 0917-625-5346 for more information on their rates and packages.

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