Put Your Records On: The Motorino Mark II is Here

Looks like vinyl is back for good.


(SPOT.ph) "Better in every aspect." This is how Edric Ivan Chua, Managing Director at Satchmi, described the Motorino II. Better speakers, better needle, longer battery life, USB connectivity, and the ceramic cartridge is now a moving magnet...all while maintaining the sleek design, portability, unintimidating interface, and, above all, affordability.


The Motorino II caters to a broader range of music enthusiasts-from people starting to develop a taste for vinyl records to those who are looking for a more refined product. During the launch at the EDSA Beverage Design Group, a dedicated listening room put the upgraded player to the test. Hooked up on high-end speakers, discerning ears were treated to the unique sound of vinyl. Dirty, grity, raw-the grains of the music is fleshed out.


Chua and co-creator Ronald Sy understand that these players cater to a specific market, but it's one that they feel compelled to entertain.




"I really love listening to vinyl and I figured I can't be the only one who does." Chua elaborated as he revealed his plans for a Satchmi Record Bar-slash-Café, set to open at the SM Mega Fashion Hall middle of this year. "At first we just wanted to make records available here but we transformed into an old-world lifestyle brand."


And he was right. Vinyl swaps are becoming more frequent here in Manila, with old and new records released for consumption again. Classics like Miles Davis' Kind of Blue surfaced, along with Daft Punk's Random Access Memories. More and more, people are appreciating the thought put into album art and fans are developing a bond with their purchases. After all, the vinyls and the player do require a minimum amount of tenderness. Chua assured us that they take the warranty seriously and that in case of emergencies, like accidental needle breakage, replacement parts are available for sale.

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The Satchmi group is looking forward to the opening of their flagship store, to bring vinyl records and the Motorino II even closer to its growing fanbase.



The Motorino II sells for P7,799 and Satchmi is currently accepting reservations through e-mail at experience@satchmi.com or via their website. Check out the Satchmi Facebook Page for more information and updates. Satchmi Records are available through their website, in Heima Stores, and AstroPlus outlets.



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