10 Things That Would Be Awesome in HD*

*...or as promised, four times clearer than HD


(SPOT.ph) If you think getting cozy with Benedict Cumberbatch’s pores in the tight, tight close-up shots in Star Trek: Into the Darkness was a mind-boggling experience, we’re guessing ovaries will explode if the film is viewed with Sony’s latest offering. During the launch of Sony’s Bravia4K on July 25, we were told that the image quality is four times clearer than that of regular HD. They then tried to illustrate this difference by showing a short clip shot by Nico Faustino, which had a lot of images of food. We were predictably distracted.


They said something about Triluminos display but we were already thinking: melting butter looks really good in super clear HD. The TV has as touch pad "one-flick" remote, you can watch YouTube clips on it, rather excellent speakers...but really, we’re more concerned about how glorious the Top 10 Best Butt Moments in Film would be when viewed four times clearer than HD.


Here are other things we’d love to see in super, super, super high defintion.


A YouTube mix that proves that there is good in the world


Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Mildly gross in Hesher or Don Jon, but we’ll take it. Hi, perfection.




We were meant to be together, you sexy thang.





Look at that evidence against certain senators! We need to look at that clearly.


Recommended Videos

How far did you get with our Selfie Checklist?



The image quality on the new Bravia will offer a different sort of clarity as you come closer to the answer to the question, "Should I take another selfie?"




Horror Films

Evil Dead, the incredibly brutal remake of The Evil Dead, would be quite a different experience.



Your Relationship Status

Para hindi naman malabo.



Fine Print

We’ve reached our quota of embarrassing moments involving coupons and a disclaimer written in teeny, tiny letters.



CCTV Footage

Just think of how beneficial this would be to the entire nation...because really, how are we supposed to recognize a bunch of pixels?




The Sony Bravia 4K is now available in stores.

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