10 Cute Items for the Crazy Cat Lady in You

You’ll be purring with delight.


(SPOT.ph) Is that cat fur on your shirt? Why hello, fellow feline fanatic! It’s always nice to meet people who understand the tremendous joy of being obsessed with cats. But might we introduce you to more adorable ways to scream to the world that you love, love, love cats?

Cat Headphones (P1,349)

The only pair you’ll ever need.


Available at Typo



Kat Alarm Clock (P995)

Not that you really need this, if an actual cat on your face wakes you up daily. Or the sound of little objects falling to the floor. Translation: "Feed me, human."


Available at Rustan’s



Pochi Pochi Calico Cat Pouch (P600)

It’s...so...adorbs. (Also comes in black.)


Available at Rustan’s and Wellworth



Lolita (Cat’s Eye Glasses) (P299)

Is it raining? Sorry, couldn’t see from behind these cool glasses.


Available at Sunnies



Cat Scotch® Tape Dispenser (P309.75)

It’ll go well with the cat pencil holder (with cat pencils), the cat-shaped Post-its, the kitten paperclips, and the pictures of cats on your desk. Wait, what do you mean you don’t have cat pens? See below.


Available at National Bookstore and Powerbooks


Pet Pal Cat Pens (P295)

It comes in different colors. You’ll never have to be lonely again!


Available at Rustan’s



Cat Earrings (P320)

It’s a "front and back" pair, which means that the kitty looks like it’s happily hanging from your ear.


Available at Claire’s


Cat iPhone Case (P625)

We tried to say no to kitschy kitty in outer space. We failed.


Available at Claire’s



Feel the SEA: Cat Hula Shirt (P295)

A cat with a hula hoop? SOLD!


Available at Uniqlo



Cat Tights (P550)

You don’t look funny stroking your own knee. Not at all.


Available online at HalloHalloMall.com

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