10 Kitschy Non-food Gifts for Your Foodie Friend

Who can say no to hugging a pizza?


(SPOT.ph) Too afraid to buy something edible for your foodie friend for fear of getting something that’s below their standards? We’ll help solve that problem with these thoughtful food-inspired gifts. They might think it’s tacky, but just like your friendship, these will never go bad.



Chocolate Lover’s 2015 calendar (P378)

This day-to-day calendar is about 3x2.5" and comes with chocolate trivia and quotes about chocolate. That’s 365 days of sweet somethings for your friend.


Available at Fully Booked

Stack the Carrots (P1,450)

This is essentially Jenga but with carrots. Don’t let the bunny fall! And, you know, don’t try to nibble on the wooden carrots. Damn, those pieces look yummy.


Available at Rustan’s Department Store

Cookie or popcorn earrings (P395++)

Look at those cookies! They look so happy being eaten...oh. Also available in gumball machines and gummy bears.


Available at Claire’s. Click here for a list of locations.



12"  Pizza pillow (P1,295)

What’s the next best thing to a hug from a friend? That’s right: a hug from a pizza.


Available at Tickles



Funkyfonic burger and fries speakers (P1,450)

Adds meat to the music! Or would you like fries with that?


Available at Rustan’s Department Store

Sardine shirt (P695)

All hail the mighty sardinas!


Available at Team Manila



Food pens (P299++)

Eating too much of these might not be great for the body...so write with them instead. The mustard on the hot dog is thoughtful. Just like you. Aw.



Available at Typo

Super Wally wallet (P595)

For that friend who never outgrew candy...because why should anyone?


Available at Rustan’s Department Store


Peanut erasers (P199)

No, you do not have to take them out of the shells. Also safe for people with a peanut allergy.


Available at Pylones. Click here for a list of locations.


Chocolate or pineapple iPhone case (P695++)

Add a note that says, "May you always be as happy as this pineapple."


Available at Claire’s. Click here for a list of locations.

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