The 3-item Shopping List for Better Skin

Shower supplies that are tried and tested

( The key to getting healthy, flawless skin is in the number of baths you take in a week, according to a U.S.-based dermatologist.


Dr. Casey Carlos, a dermatologist, shared with that, "it’s not how often you bathe, but how you bathe matters." She recommends taking short showers with lukewarm water, and scrubbing only potentially smelly parts (read: underarms, genitalia), then moisturizing your entire body right after. Too much washing and scrubbing damages your skin by stripping it of natural moisture, leaving it dry and extra-sensitive, which leads to flaky, itchy, or blotchy skin.


Here’s a quick three-item shopping list on shower necessities that will do less damage to your skin.


Earth Therapeutics Exfoliating Hydrating Gloves (P325) available at Beauty Bar



Celeteque Hydration Facial Wash (P270) available at leading supermarkets



Aveeno Moisturizing Oil (P500) available at Watsons

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