Check out Power Plant's new cinemas

...for added movie-watching fun


( Going to the movies in Manila is becoming a little more interesting these days, and not just because of what's on the screen. Sometimes, you go to see what's around it. Our 2011 list of the Top 10 Movie Theaters in the city included the cinemas at Power Plant Mall, and this year they're adding two more reasons why the spot is well-deserved: overhead sound and world-class seats.



Power Plant Cinemas 2 and 3 are now equipped with Dolby Atmos, so sound comes not just from both sides, but also from above your head. The seats, meanwhile, are by Figueras International Seating, a Spanish company that has designed for both the White House (yes, the one in Washington D.C.) and the United Nations office in Geneva, Switzerland. You get an additional two inches of space and a comfortable chair that feels perfectly ergonomic-changes that, while subtle, add a lot to the movie-viewing experience.


If the restrooms were a little closer, we'd probably never want to leave.

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