10 Cool Finds From The Block Party

Unique and artsy finds we found over the weekend


(SPOT.ph) We headed south for the Block Party last weekend, held at the Makiling Park in Ayala Alabang Village. Good food on one side, unique artsy finds on the other, workshop spaces here and there, and a beautiful Type Kita exhibit (it’s like Pinterest came to life, but even better!) all in a sunny, breezy setting. Here are some highlights.



Charm bracelets from BicSpokes (P100/bracelet, P50/charm)

These handcrafted bracelets made from bike spokes are the perfect gift for friends and family. Each is of stainless steel, so you can be sure that you’ll be able to wear it on your wrist for a long time-long enough for you to add charms for every milestone you achieve in life.




Lightboxes from ArF (P1,350/small, P2,900/medium, P3,500/large)

Light up your room with these lightboxes. They come with 84 characters that you can use to spell out anything you want, from names to inspirational words of wisdom! They also have smaller lightboxes that already come with quotes and statements that you can choose from.



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Papercut artwork from Hands Love Papers (P500/small, P1,000/big)

There’s a certain charm when buying handmade artwork because you know it’s made with a lot of love. These papercut artwork would make for pretty home decor, or as a present for someone who loves anything shabby-chic. They’re very inspiring, too!




Soy candles from Amber Lights Laguna (P180/small, P420/big)

These organic, scented soy candles will bring warmth (and a really, really lovely smell) to any room or home. They’re not your usual wax candles-they’re made out of soy, so they’ll last longer and burn more evenly.


Pouches from Artsy Kit (P130)

Small pouches are very important for people who like to carry a lot of things in their bags but want to keep things organized. Think of them as kikay kits perfect for stashing summer necessities like sunblock, or storage for knickknacks.


Postcards from Katchacanvas (P35 to P50)

Do you collect postcards? Maybe it’s about time you did! These postcard designs from Katchacanvas feature quotes from writers like Dr. Seuss and John Green. It’s probably time to write more handwritten notes to your friends anyway.


Blank notebooks from Sunday Paper (P180)

If you’ve been wanting to create your own inspiration journal, these blank ones are perfect for you. The paper is acid-free, so you can paint and color on it without having to worry about the pages turning brown with age.




Plant from Habil Crafts (P500 to P650)

It’s a pretty cool idea, not to mention a stress-reliever, to have a plant sitting on your desk at work, or even in your room. This one is a real plant, planted in a real book with real pages! Talk about repurposing.



Shoes by Kai (P750 to P800)

These shoes are handcrafted, and use repurposed indigenous weaves, ethnic textiles, and handloomed fabrics. The summery patterns and bright colors are just the thing to keep you cheery this season.



Harpoon on the Loose (P550/caps, P2,000/backpacks)

Need a double-duty bag for your summer getaway? These printed totes can be converted into backpacks (there are straps hidden in the back zipper). The brand also carries caps and reversible hats that you can wear to protect your head from the heat, or to hide under when you’re having a bad hair day.


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