Roadtest: Will This Skincare Line Give Us the Coveted Korean Glass Skin?

We try this Liza Soberano-endorsed brand.

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( It's no secret that a good skin care regimen is vital to having an easy-to-maintain look that'll survive the strifes of the day. Whether you're team makeup or team bare face, at the end of the day, healthy skin is at the core of being outwardly beautiful. That being said, we're always on the hunt for quality products to apply on our skin, with our specific goal being to achieve the dewy, fresh-faced look known as Korean glass skin. As part of our quest to achieve this coveted look, we've taken it upon ourselves to test Korean brand Deoproce's Skin Reveal Pomegranate line—we mean, if there's anyone to trust about getting glass skin, it's the ones who pioneered it, right? 

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Here's what we think of Deoproce's skincare line:

Setting Expectations:

Okay, first things first, let's set expectations. We've been using the Deoproce Skin Reveal products for just about a month, and while that may seem like a long time, we have to factor in that sometimes active ingredients in products need to build up over time to have a better and more obvious result.  Second, there are various skin types. Ours just happens to be on the oily skin spectrum with the occasional breakouts and pimple scars here and there. And lastly, as with anything that goes into our bodies, some things that work for others may not work for you. So take this review with a grain of salt.


The Skin Care Products:

Deoproce Skin Reveal Pomegranate Skincare
PHOTO BY Leana Vibal

For this skin care roadtest, we try out Deoproce's Skin Reveal Pomegranate Line, which consists of four products made to be used one after the other as part of your nightly skin care regimen. It includes Step 1: Facial Cleanser, Step 2: Toner, Step 3: Ampoule, and the last step, Step 4: Moisturizer.

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The line's main ingredients include Green Caviar, which is said to strengthen the skin barrier and give it an extra glow; Pomegranate Extract that adds essential vitamins to make the skin appear livelier; Niacinamide which brightens dark spots; and Adenosine which adds elasticity and makes your skin feel tight and bouncy. Overall the products are expected to make your skin brighter, whiter, hydrated, and moisturized.


The pomegranate line sits more around the middle range; getting all four products will cost you over P4,500. If you're not ready to fully commit, don't worry as you can get the products individually. 

Here's the cost of each product when bought separately sans shipping:


A light floral scent is the initial thing that hits you upon opening any of these products. While it certainly is fragrant, it is not in an overwhelming, alcohol-laden way but more on the lighter, cleaner side. No lie: the scent alone is one of our favorite things about these products.


Using the facial foam is our favorite part of the regimen and is one that we think really helps clean and brighten our face, as proven with our every wash. After using the product, our face feels light, fresh, and clean. It doesn't leave your face feeling dry and tight. Oh, and it's pretty economical too as a pea-sized drop is suitable for the entire face.

Deoproce Skin Reveal Pomegranate Facial Foam
PHOTO BY Leana Vibal

Next is our second favorite product, the toner. Much like the facial foam, the toner also makes your face feel light and clean. Unlike most toners that have a stinging feeling on our skin, this doesn't hurt at all. 

Deoproce Skin Reveal Pomegranate Toner
PHOTO BY Leana Vibal

As for the ampoule, applying it can take some getting use to as the applicator is a bit messy. And while we haven't been able to use it long enough to see full-on results, every application leaves our skin feeling bouncy and plump. 

Deoproce Ampoule
PHOTO BY Leana Vibal

And lastly, we're a bit on the fence about the moisturizer. As someone with oily skin, the product feels a little greasy, with a trace of residue that has us feeling even oilier.

Deoproce Moisturizer
PHOTO BY Leana Vibal

Will We Buy This Again?

But hey, after one month of using these products, we can say we see a slight improvement in our skin's texture and overall feel. It's not necessarily the dewy glass skin we're going for yet, but it is slightly plumper and brighter than it was a month ago. In terms of longevity, we estimate that these will last us another month or two.

Before and After Shots Deoproce Skin Reveal Pomegranate Skin Care

This is a tough question. And right now, we're not really sure. After about a month of using the products, there's still a good amount of product left, and as we said, we're willing to wait to see more effects. We're not so sure about buying the whole set again, but if we're talking about sure repurchases, we're putting our money on the Skin Reveal Pomegranate Facial Foam and the Skin Reveal Pomegranate Toner.

You can buy Deoproce's skin reveal products through their official Shopee and Lazada shops.

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