10 Genius Hacks for Flawless Brows

It's time to win the battle with our brows.


(SPOT.ph) Let’s get real; our generation is absolutely obsessed with achieving the perfect Cara-esque brow. Every day is a constant struggle to find the perfect brow shape that doesn’t look like matching caterpillars on our face. Here are 10 kilay tips to win the battle with your brows.


Find a shade that matches your hair.

For dark hair, go one or two shades lighter; for lighter hair, do the opposite. You can’t have red hair and blonde eyebrows. That’s just not going to work out, honey. Go to your favorite makeup brand and ask the lady to swatch a couple of colors for you. This ensures that your brows look as natural as possible.


Eyeshadow Primer Potion (P1,000) from Urban Decay


Use a brow primer to keep your arches in place.

With the hustle and bustle in Manila heat, you don’t want your brow masterpiece, which you probably spent the better half of an hour perfecting, to sweat away. Use your favorite eyeshadow primer to make sure your brows stay on fleek all day long.



Believe in the 45-degree magic.

Trouble with finding where to arch and end? Here’s a trick to make sure you get your flawless Instagram-worthy brow. The arch of your brows should start 45 degrees from the iris and should end at 45 degrees from the corner of the eye. This will be your jump to getting those picture-perfect brows.


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Use a spoon to shape your brows.

Some days you’re really just in a hurry and don’t have enough time to perfect your arches. This is where spooning comes in! Hold a spoon over your eye and let its curve do all the work you. Now you can fill them in and be confidently beautiful, with a spoon.




Hard Formula Brow Pencil (P1,400) from Shu Uemura 


Follow the OBF rule.

Nope, not one big fight. Though this is a fight you’re going to win with the Outline, Brush, and Fill method. Your brows aren’t supposed to be one shade from tip to tip. Start by outlining the brow from the middle to the end. After defining the arches, use a spoolie, and brush them out to achieve the fade. Now you want a pencil to fill in the inner portion using hair like strokes and voila, beautifully bold but natural brows!


Pro Long Wear Concealer (P1,000) from MAC


Make your brows stand out using concealer.

Nobody’s perfect. Even the best of us have our bad days. To make sure your brows are extra sharp, grab your concealer to clean out the harsh lines that stick out and make sure to blend. You want them to stand out, not stick out.




Star Lit Powder (P1,000) from MakeUp Forever 


Level up your arches with highlighter.

One swipe is all it takes. Use your favorite highlighter to bring out the best of your arch. Apply a line below you brow bone and blend. This will put the perfect accent on your already defined brows.




Jamaican Black Castor Oil (P500)


Get naturally fuller brows with castor oil.

We can’t all be as blessed as Lily Collins when it comes to nice, full eyebrows. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not attainable. Castor oil is known to help produce healthier and fuller brows. Apply a generous amount to your brows before going to bed and watch them grow, grow, grow!



Topicaine (P520)


Use numbing gel for painless plucking.

If you’re tired of the “mantra beauty is pain,” this is the trick for you. Maintaining your eyebrows is not an effortless ordeal. Next time you pluck, apply a small amount of numbing gel to help ease the discomfort of throbbing brows.


Go au naturel.

Then again, 2017’s mantra is as natural as we can get and nothing says natural more than well-groomed straight brows. Brush your eyebrows with a spoolie to get it into the desired shape. Trim any overgrown hair, and pluck away the strays. This three-tip trick will be your newest BFF on the road to au naturel brows.

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