The 10 Best Makeup Removers That Will Make Your Life Easier

Meet your new end-of-day BFFs.


( These days, it’s quite a feat to end the day with your makeup intact, which means you’ve invested in great, long-wearing products and have mastered the art of budge-proofing your beauty look. But do you know what’s an even greater feat? Being able to remove your makeup (and the day’s dirt and grime!) with ease, all without scrubbing or rubbing your skin raw.



Enter makeup removers, which are probably the most undervalued items in your kit. More than simply erasing your smeared mascara, these skin savers unclog your pores, draw out dirt and impurities, refresh and moisturize skin, and ultimately keep your complexion healthy by restoring it to a clean state—so you wake up fresh and pimple-free the next day!


And, given the myriad of options in the market today (micellar water, oil, dual-phase, wipes, pens), there’s really no excuse for you to not invest in one that suits your needs and temperament. So whether you’re a Type A gal who double-cleanses or the lazy girl who often sleeps with her makeup on (gasp!), there’s a makeup remover that’s got your name written all over it. 




Creer Cleansing Water (P545) froKracie

Perfect for: Light makeup, sensitive skin

Made with real hot-spring water from Shimane Prefecture’s Izumi Onsen in Japan, this beauty fave is ultra-gentle but can effectively remove light makeup while leaving skin feeling nourished. It’s actually a four-in-one wonder: It works as makeup remover, facial cleanser, exfoliator, and a toner! This means you can totes skip the rinse after a few swipes of this via a cotton pad.




Micellar Cleansing Water (P499) from Simple Skincare

Perfect for: Light to heavy makeup, especially eye makeup; all skin types

Even the most dramatic smokey eye is no match for this cult-favorite micellar water, which is, surprisingly, anything but harsh. Its tiny “micelles” literally pull dirt, makeup, oil, and other grime from your pores without the need for tough rubbing. It gets extra points for its moisturizing glycerin—skin doesn’t feel stripped or dry post-cleanse.




Real Art Cleansing Oil Mild (P848) from Etude House

Perfect for: Waterproof makeup, problematic or sensitive skin

If oil cleansers usually cause you to break out, here’s one that won’t. Infused with soothing green tea and calming chamomile extracts to ward off redness and irritation, this mild Korean cleansing oil melts off makeup without leaving a greasy residue so your face feels clean, soft, and extra refreshed after cleansing.




Clean in Zero Nourishing Balm (P1,150) from Banila Co.

Perfect for: Light to heavy makeup, dry skin

Got flaky skin? Skip cleansers with alcohol and switch to a skin-softening balm like this hypoallergenic formula, which effectively dissolves stubborn makeup without stripping skin of the good oils. It’s infused with ginseng berry and royal jelly to nourish skin, and is powered by a Zero Balance Technology that balances skin’s moisture levels—so it’s neither too dry nor too oily. We love how the sorbet formula easily melts into a silky oil as you massage it over your face!




Gently Off Eye and Lip Makeup Remover (P1,350) from MAC Cosmetics

Perfect for: Waterproof makeup, all skin types

If you’re all about the most budge-proof makeup—liquid lippies, waterproof mascaras, heavy-duty eyeliners—this dual-phase remover is for you. It contains a mix of oil and water (just shake!) in a non-irritating formula that removes even the most tenacious mascara or lippie, all while also soothing with cucumber extract and Damask rose flower water. It’s derma- and ophtha-approved, and won’t clog pores!




Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil (P1,800) from Kiehl's

Perfect for: Waterproof makeup, all skin types

If you're obsessed with their cult-favorite Midnight Recovery Concentrate, then you'll be pleased to know that it's available as an oil cleanser. It's a lightweight oil cleanser that emulsifies with water to a cleansing milk which dissolves all kinds of makeup and removes impurities without drying the skin. Plus, it also has that relaxing lavender scent that's sure to make you fall asleep in a jiffy!




DermoScience Hydration Makeup Remover Wipes (P160) from Celeteque

Perfect for: All kinds of makeup, all skin types

Perfect for late nights when you’re just too tired to grab a cotton pad or go to the sink to wash off the day’s grime, these wipes let you easily take off your makeup even as you lie in bed with your eyes closed as you doze off to dreamland. Formulated with Active Skin Hydrators, these hypoallergenic wipes also boost skin’s moisture, so your skin is not left feeling rough or dry. It’s great for travel, too!




Milk Jelly Cleanser (P1,150) from Glossier

Perfect for: Light makeup, all skin types

Low-maintenance gal? This conditioning face cleanser can also dissolve light makeup and grime, and boasts of a creamy gel formula that’s infused with a blend of skin conditioners to give skin a baby-soft finish. Fun fact: It uses the same cleaning agents found in contact lens solutions, so it’s extra tough on dirt and grime but won’t irritate your eyes.




Micellar Cleansing Water: Oil Control (P460) from Biore

Perfect for: All types of makeup, combination to oily skin

If excess oil is your problem, this refreshing, non-wash makeup remover is for you. This micelle-powered cleansing water—which is infused with natural mineral water from the Japanese Alps—lifts off all traces of makeup (even waterproof types!) while also drenching skin in an antibacterial formula to help prevent breakouts. Unlike most cleansing waters that leave skin feeling moist, this particular formula gives a soft, shine-free finish.




Pretty Clean Makeup Eraser (P499) from Happy Skin

Perfect for: Precision touch-ups, all skin types

Fix makeup mistakes in a jiffy with this nifty makeup remover in a handy pen format that lets you quickly clean up small smudges and stains—like a misshapen wing tip or bleeding lipstick—without having to take off all your makeup. Its silky, non-greasy formula gently dissolves makeup, including waterproof products, while also soothing skin with Argan oil. A makeup kit must-have!

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