10 Aluminum-Free Antiperspirant Alternatives

Looking to detox a little?

(SPOT.ph) Rain or shine, one thing is for sure in the city: You’re going to sweat. But hey—sweating is perfectly normal. In fact, it’s important to let your body sweat when it needs to. If you're looking to detox a little and want to take a break from antiperspirants formulated with aluminum (which has been known to clog pores), that doesn’t mean you can’t stay fresh.

Here are 10 aluminum-free alternatives that’ll keep you smelling great without clogging your sweat glands. Pro tip: Your skin might go through a bit of an adjustment period—but you’ll get used to it before you know it!

Mini Coconut Deodorant (P1,060) from Kopari


This deodorant from Kopari is formulated with coconut oil, so not only will it nourish the skin on your underarms, it’ll also leave you smelling sweet. It glides on clear, too, so you won’t have to worry about stains!


Organic Underarm Deodorant (P200) from The Happy Organics

PHOTO BY The Happy Organics

Fun fact: Human sweat isn’t naturally smelly; it’s the bacteria that forms because of it that causes odor. The Happy Organics’ deodorant uses tea tree oil and neem extract to fight any bacteria and infection in the underarm area. The gentle formula allows your perspiration to come through without leaving any unwanted smells.

Deo Whitening Spray (P280) from Hello Gorgeous

PHOTO BY Hello Gorgeous
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Formulated with witch hazel and tea tree oil to keep you clean and fresh, this deodorant spray from Hello Gorgeous also contains papaya extract to whiten and even out underarm skin—now, that’s double duty!

Pit Perfect Whitening Deodorant Spray (P250) from Skin Genie


Like many of Skin Genie’s products, their deodorant is gentle and made from natural ingredients. It’ll soothe and lighten your underarms while keeping you fresh all day, so you can wear sleeveless tops and stretch your arms without any hesitation.

Powder Fresh Natural Deodorant Stick (P199.75) from Human Nature

PHOTO BY Human Nature

Human Nature’s natural deodorant stick contains their popular sunflower oil to help nourish and brighten the skin on your underarms. Fans of the cult-favorite oil know that it absorbs very quickly into the skin so you won’t have to worry about feeling damp or sticky under there. Plus, the product will dry down to a powder finish for extra comfort.

Deodorant Cream (P250/15g; P350/25g) from Daniela Calumba

For those trying to live a zero-waste life, you’ll love this potted deodorant from Daniela Calumba. It’s 100% vegan and contains no artificial colors or fragrances, plus it’s packaged without plastic. The cocoa butter and essential oils in the formula will keep you smelling fresh as you go about your day.

Mineral Deodorant Roll-On (P315) from Crystal Essence

PHOTO BY Crystal Essence

This deodorant from Crystal Essence comes in both spray and roll-on forms depending on your preference. Plus, they’ve got a variety of scents like vanilla and jasmine, pomegranate, and chamomile and green tea, to name a few. But don’t be fooled by its gentle scent, this one promises to work effectively for up to 24 hours.

Always Fresh Deodorant Wipes (P315) from Sephora Collection

PHOTO BY Sephora Philippines

Though deodorant wipes might seem like a strange concept, don’t knock it till you try it. If you’re coming from the gym or just happen to be caught in a particularly hot day, use these wipes from Sephora Collection to wipe off bacteria and the unwanted odor it causes. Trust us, they’re a lifesaver!

The Greeench (P675) from Lush


This powder deodorant from Lush contains thyme, tea tree, sage, and rosemary to prevent odor and keep you smelling good. The ultra-absorbent lycopodium powder will keep your pits dry all day. Just sprinkle some onto your hand and apply to clean underarms before heading out the door.

Antibacterial Whitening Deo Spray (P352) from One Earth Organics

PHOTO BY One Earth Organics

This spray-on deodorant from One Earth Organics contains natural ingredients that will control sweat and odor while also fighting bacteria and improving skin tone and texture. The light, fast-drying formula won’t leave a sticky residue or cause any product buildup so you can feel fresh without a heavy feeling underneath.

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