Top 10 Taray Lines from Rubi, the Bida Contrabida

Guilty pleasure alert! Crib these <em>taray</em> lines from <em>Rubi</em>.

Adapted from the Mexican telenovela of the same title, Rubi, with the voluptuous Angelica Panganiban in the lead role has brought the shock of the new to Pinoy telenovelas as we know it. For starters, this heroine isn’t a virginal masochist. She’s no pushover. She’s dubbed as a "bida contrabida." Case in point: When construction workers harass her, she picks up a block of wood and throws it at them. This story about a working class girl’s struggle against poverty is supposed to shock and awe us. We’re not supposed to cry for Rubi. We’re supposed to cheer her on as she lives out all our guilty pleasures. Rubi is a maneater who uses her abundant physical attributes (as well as her brain) to get what she wants--from payment for her college tuition to bags. She does have a heart of gold--but you’d have to kill her first before she admits it. lists 10 taray lines from Rubi. (Tip: Channel the feisty-but-sneaky femme fatale when you say these lines and, yes, wear red.)


You don’t mess with a femme fatale like Rubi.


1. "Like ko po yung gold, pero mas gusto ko red. Kaya hindi ako gold digger, red digger ako. Yes, I dig red." (I like gold, but I like red more. So I’m not a gold digger, I’m a red digger. Yes, I dig red.) -Rubi’s response after being accused of being a gold digger


2. "Anong tingin mo sa sarili mo perfecto ka? Anong tingin mo wala kang defect? Oo, flawless ka...pwera na lang yang pagmumukha mo!" (You think you’re perfect? You think you don’t have any defects? Yes, you’re flawless...except for your face!) -Rubi to mean girls tormenting her best friend (and later frenemy) Maribel (Shaina Magdayao)

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3. "Alam n’yo ang mga lalaki hindi dapat kinakaawaan at dapat tayong mga babae pinapakita natin sa kanila na tayo ang in control." (You know, men shouldn’t be pitied and we women have to show them that we’re the ones in control.) -Rubi to her clueless classmates



4. "Bilang fashion din lang naman ang major ko, naisip ko...hindi ba tama lang naman na maging priority ko ang pagporma?" (Since I’m a fashion major, I think it’s only right that I prioritize looking good.) -Rubi to her teacher (and later partner-in-crime) Loreto (Mel Martinez)


5. "Ay, hindi, Tita, nagbibiro lang po ako. Kayo naman po. Nakakahiya naman po sa inyo. Pero kung pipilitin nyo po ako, ’small’ lang po ang size ko." (Oh, Tita, no, I’m only kidding. I’d be too shy to take it. But, if you insist, my size is "small.") -Rubi to Maribel’s mom Sylvanna (Cherie Gil), after the latter volunteers to give her some swimsuits

At 2:14, Angelica Panganiban reveals that she can really relate to Rubi.


6. "Ako ang gagawin mong maid of honor, Maribel? Sige papayag ako. Pero maid of horror!" (You’re going to pick me to be your maid of honor, Maribel? Sure thing. But I’ll be a maid of horror! -Rubi’s mental monologue after finding out that Maribel is definitely marrying Hector (Diether Ocampo), whom she also desires



7. "Alam mo kahit kasing laki mo pa yang pintong ’yan, kayang-kaya kitang patumbahin." (You know, even if you’re as huge as that door, I can take you down.) -Rubi’s warning to Hector’s secretatry who refuses to disrupt his meeting, she follows through on her threat by knocking down the woman


8. "Matagal na akong ganito, Aling Mameng. Kaya hindi ako magbabago." (I’ve been like this for a long time, Aling Mameng. That’s why I won’t change.) -Rubi to longtime neighbor Aling Mameng (Eva Darren)


9. "Kung ikaw tunay kong ama, hindi ako magiging ganito kaganda." (If you were my real father, I wouldn’t be this beautiful.") -Rubi to her stepfather Danilo (Allan Paule)


10. "’Wag ka mag-alala, Mama, kutis singkamas ako, pero hindi balat sibuyas!" (Don’t worry, Mama. My complexion is as fine as singkamas, but I’m not onion-skinned.) -Rubi to Hector’s mother Elisa (Coney Reyes), who’s also her mother-in-law, after the latter criticizes her skimpy outfits (Yes, Rubi succeeds in taking away Hector from Maribel.)

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Art by Warren Espejo and Rubi publicity still courtesy of ABS-CBN.

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