"End of the World" Fail triggers jokes all over the world

(SPOT.ph) With nary a tremor on Earth and the souls of the good and bad still intact, the May 21 apocalypse prediction of 89-year-old televangelist Harold Camping had been a bust, and according to Australian theologian Ian Packer, "greeted with openly humorous talk," reports ABS-CBN News.


According to Camping, earthquakes would begin at 6 p.m. local time with worthy souls being transported to heaven; the bad ones, however, would stay to suffer until the actual end of the world on October 21. This was his second failed doomsday prediction, his first being in 1994, reports The Washington Post.


ABS-CBN News reported that Internet users have even gone as far as joking about staging a fake Rapture if Camping's prediction failed while other non-believers suggested laying out old clothing on pavements and lawns to create a scene of someone being "beamed up."


Even Jewish New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg joined the amusement saying that he would suspend the much-reviled alternate side street parking in the city that allows street cleaning to take place, said the same article. The group American Atheists, for their part, held rapture parties all around the country.


Meanwhile, some have turned the situation into a moneymaking venture. According the ABS-CBN News, the Craigslist website ran ads from non-believers offering to buy the things of Camping's supporters while other atheists sold contracts to rescue their pets. Newser.com also announced that some 258 people have paid $135 to the newly founded, atheist-owned Eternally Earthbound Pets to ensure that someone will look after their pets after their owners are lifted to heaven.



However, the fun isn't for everyone. According to The Washington Post, suicide prevention hotlines had been installed for fear that Family Radio (Camping's religious broadcasting network) followers might be depressed had the prediction not come true. Some had even quit their jobs and hit the roads to "evangelize." Some Vietnamese Hmong (an Asian ethnic group) have hidden in the forest after being dispersed by authorities for waiting for Jesus.


For more on this story, log on to ABS-CBN News.

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