Pinoy director Carlo Ledesma’s online horror film slated to be "viral movie of the year"

( Australian-based Pinoy filmmaker Carlo Ledesma’s horror movie The Tunnel has taken the online world by storm, reports GMA News. Unlike most films, The Tunnel wasn't meant to be shown in theaters. Instead, interested online viewers could download it through torrents. Since its May 19 release on torrent sites, the film has gotten half a million downloads.


In The Tunnel, broadcast journalists investigate a possible government cover-up of Sydney's water shortage when a secret creature finds them and hunts them down. According to the GMA report, the film falls under the subgenre of "found footage," a technique which gives the impression of using old or amateur videos to capture a more realistic effect. Other films known to use found footage are Cloverfield and The Blair Witch Project.


Apart from being viewed only online, The Tunnel was also funded by what producers and directors call "The 135K Project" wherein 135 people buy a single frame of a film at a dollar each.  The film was also marketed only through social networks and blogs. According to the report, The Tunnel is also  slated to be "the viral movie of the year" and has gotten Ledesma entered into "The Internet and Movie Database's Modern Masters of Horror" list with directors Guillermo Del Toro (Hellboy) and Eli Roth (Hostel).


"I do feel like I've hit my stride here (in Australia), creatively and professionally," Ledesma said. The director moved Down Under in 2005. He added, "Sydney is such a film-friendly place-the government is very supportive, the crews are world-class, and it is relatively easy to source out the latest in camera and sound equipment."



In a story published in May, Ledesma was named one of’s Top 10 Cutest Directors.



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