Neil Etheridge makes pulses race in Folded & Hung’s underwear commercial

O.D. on the Azkal goalkeeper’s sexy six-pack. Warning: not for the faint of heart.

The ingredients to a steamy commercial: strategically-angled shots, a selection of underwear, and a jaw-dropping body.


( It looks like Folded and Hung has found a new endorser in Neil Etheridge’s abs. We kid you not: the Azkals fever may have cooled down but goalkeeper Neil Etheridge (or, in this case, his body) is doing anything but. His latest underwear commercial is enough to make pulses race, temperatures rise, and send his fans to a fever pitch.

The three-minute and 44-second commercial, which plays Adele’s "Rolling in the Deep" in the background, features a montage of ripped biceps, toned calves, and, er, other erogenous zones. The obvious star, however, is Neil’s perfectly sculpted torso which took up, oh, only three-quarters of the video.

While watching Etheridge’s deliciously carved bod is nothing short of heavenly, we’re definitely rating this ad strictly PG.

Want to see more of Neil Etheridge? Check his Folded & Hung campaign photos here.


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