CHECK IT OUT: Cioccolata Churros Café in Intramuros, Manila

Delight in churros, chocolate-drizzled croissants, ensaymada, and more at this sunny cafe.


Cioccolata Churros Cafe
Ground Floor, The Bayleaf Intramuros,
Muralla corner Victoria Streets, Intramuros,
Tel. No. 318-5000
Open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Chocolate + Churros = love. Click for more.


( Large glass windows at this sunshine-filled café let you people-watch-Intramuros residents going about their day, college students walking to schools-while freshly-baked muffins and croissants sitting inside a small glass display quietly tempt you to stay for more than just a cup of coffee. Cold beverages and coffee cups sit atop tables, where college students have parked themselves. This is the scene inside Cioccolata Churros Café, located at the ground floor of the newly-opened boutique hotel, The Bayleaf Intramuros.



Chocolate-drizzled croissants, ensaymada, muffins, and sandwiches on the menu fight for your attention here, but the café’s Churros-the star of the cafe’s menu-should be first on your agenda. Thin, u-shaped, and perfectly deep-fried, the churros are not at all oily, making them more fun to dunk in the dip of your choice: coffee caramel, and the more familiar molten Spanish tsokolate sauce.


If you're used to dunking your churros in thicker melted tsokolate with bolder flavors, the lighter dip used at Cioccolata may come as a surprise. Tsokolate grains swim in the light and sweet hot chocolate dip and coats the fried dough with a medium brown sheen. We were told that Cioccolata uses the same tsokolate used in Baguio’s Tsokolate de Batirol and the familiar and comforting taste is the kind that silently reminds you of homemade cocoa.


The coffee caramel dip, on the other hand, has more pronounced sweet flavors coupled with light custard notes. Whichever dip you choose, both are a sweet match to the light golden-colored fried dough best paired with a cup of brewed coffee. Cioccolata also serves churros sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon powder. Up for something more filling? Churros also serves ham and grilled cheese sandwiches, plus an assortment of tea flavors for non-coffee drinkers.




Photos courtesy of Bayleaf Intramuros

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