Be the life of the party with Petra Mahalimuyak's latest video

This 19-year-old comedian shows off dance moves that would put J.Lo to shame.

Club-dancing in five easy steps

( Shy on the dance floor? Don’t despair. In her latest tutorial, How to Dance in a Club, Filipino YouTube sensation Petra Mahalimuyak (real name: Ashley Rivera) teaches you how to "consume your personal space wisely" while trying to dougie in a crowded venue.


A former child model, Ashley moved to Las Vegas with her mom in September 2010. Her YouTube career began only in April 2011 when she uploaded her first video-a how-to on makeup, where she assumed the sardonic but humorous persona of Petra Mahalimuyak and her now-famous exaggerated Pinoy twang. Currently, her videos have generated almost four million views.


The "instructional" dance video, uploaded on November 16,  is Petra’s 34th. Merging her usual wit with brazen humor, the Las Vegas-based 19-year-old takes out her pitch-perfect Pinoy accent and new killer dance moves that would make any wallflower get noticed. In between "Washing Windows" and "Driving the Car" to the beat of Rihanna's "We Found Love," Petra also manages to whip out some advice: "Your boyfriend and you just broke up? Dance it out. You failed a test? Dance it out." Just remember the most important rule in club-dancing though: "fist pump only when your armpits are dry." (Or shall we say, "Peest famp only when your urmpeets are dry.")



For more of Petra Mahalimuyak, visit her YouTube channel ashleyslips. Listen to her real voice (and accent), here.

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