10 Possible Boyfriends for Dr. Vicki Belo (A Wishful Intervention)

Just a few suggestions for Dr. B, in case the latest reunion is a temporary one.

(SPOT.ph) Based on their most recent tiff and subsequent "kiss-and-make-up session," Dr. Vicki Belo seems to be addicted to Hayden Kho, Jr., the man who had already betrayed her before. Just like any other junkie, it may be dangerous for Belo to quit her Kho-dependency just like that. As such, we are conducting a wishful intervention to let her know that there are other men out there who will most probably treat her better. We’ve come up with a list of men whom we think would be more adept at rescuing her from her ennui than the videographer-turned-perfumer who has broken her heart for the nth time. At the very least, the men on our list should serve as prototypes for her ideal partner.


A few better men for Dr. Vicki Belo. Click for more.


Art by Warren Espejo

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