VIDEO: Kim Chiu and Enchong Dee’s ASAP dance fumble

A complicated number that ended up on the dance floor-literally.

Kids, don’t try this at home.


( Making rounds online this past week is a video featuring young stars Kim Chiu and Enchong Dee and their dance number on the March 25 episode of ABS-CBN’s Sunday variety show ASAP. ASAP, which is known for its elaborate dance routines, showed the two looking mighty steamy in a stunt-filled routine. Early in the performance, Chiu was the eptiome of confidence while Dee held his own on the dance floor.


After a few flawless combinations of well-rehearsed choreography, the fumble began when when Dee accidentally swiped Chiu’s head with a misplaced cartwheel, Soon after, a complicated lift caused him to lose his footing. He tripped over backwards, consequently dropping (more like banging) his dance partner like a rag doll to the ground.


After a collective gasp from the audience (and taunts from Kim-Xian, Enchong-Erich fans), the pair stood up and danced the embarrassment off. True pros, we tell you-and accidents happen. But maybe they should stick to acting, and weight-lifting for Dee.


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