Coffee Lovers, You Can Cop These Kits for Home Brewing at 30% Off

Add it to your Christmas shopping list!

( While heading out to your favorite café isn't exactly as simple as it used to be, you can always try and recreate the experience at home—only you'll have to be your own barista. The quarantine has plenty of people trying to make their own cup of coffee at home, a nd if you want to join in on the caffeine fun, then check out these coffee kits from French coffee studio Malongo.

They currently have different types of home-brewing kits for people at any level of expertise—from the basic French press to more advanced gear like the Chemex. Best part? All the kits are currently at 30% off and they come with 250 grams of Malongo coffee beans! You can buy these kits at the Malongo Atelier Barista Café in Bonifacio Global City or online. Time to get a headstart on your Christmas shopping!

Check out the home-brewing coffee kit is best for your level here:

French Press Brew Kit (P3,556)

PHOTO Courtesy of Malango
PHOTO Courtesy of Malango

It's almost impossible to go wrong with a trusty old French press. This Bodum French Press has a double-thermo glass wall and can hold around 300 ml of water. It comes with 250 grams worth of Malongo Burundi Coffee. All you need to do is pour in 18 grams of coarse ground coffee and let it steep for four to five minutes! Afterwhich, apply a slight downward pressure until it reaches the bottom, and voila, you can now enjoy your brew.

Available at Malongo Atelier Barista Café or Yobuy.

Aeropress Brew Kit (P3,353)

PHOTO Courtesy of Malango
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Don't be intimidated by this tool that looks straight out of a laboratory: The Aeropress is actually pretty straightforward to use. Just steep the coffee grounds in the Aeropress for under a minute and then push the caffeine goodness out through the filter by pressing the plunger into the tube. There are many Aeropress recipes online, making it a versatile tool for home-brewing. It may take a while to get the right mix of beans and technique that you want, but who says experimenting isn't part of the fun of making coffee? Plus, the kit comes with 350 filters, a tote to carry it all in so you never miss a brew, and 250 grams of Malongo Peru Coffee.

Available at Malongo Atelier Barista Café or Yobuy.

Chemex Brew Kit (P4,536)

PHOTO Courtesy of Malango
PHOTO Courtesy of Malango

This cool looking contraption is pretty similar to drip coffee—only that Chemex filters are around 20% to 30% thicker than the usual pour-overs. If you want to get into the nitty gritty, these special filters regulate the saturation and flow of coffee grounds much better than the typical, getting rid of more of the unwanted body and coffee oils and resulting in a "cleaner" brew. The kit comes with 250 grams of Malongo Rwanda Coffee.

Available at Malongo Atelier Barista Café or Yobuy.

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