These Disposable, Mini Toothbrushes Are Your Pre-Date and Travel Lifesavers

mini and disposable toothbrushes
PHOTO BY Shopee/Coast To Cart

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( You know it's a perfect first date if you're hoping for a kiss (or more) by the end of it. Granted, you'll never really know what's going to happen until it happens. Still, it wouldn't hurt to be prepared for some hot and steaming action; get very close and intimate—aka feeling their breath on your face (and vice versa)—by making sure your mouth and teeth are clean and fresh before it happens, and if it ever will. You know a breath spray or a piece of gum won't cut it, and that's where these mini and disposable toothbrushes from Colgate we spotted on the online shop Coast to Cart come in.

You can get these disposable and mini toothbrushes from Shopee.

Hoping for a sweet end to a good first date? Always losing a toothbrush on a trip? Got a sudden meet-up with some friends? Just finished eating lunch at school or work? Is it picture day? Or do you just really want to practice good hygiene and boost your confidence anytime and anywhere? Colgate's Max Fresh Wisp can keep your breath smelling fresh and teeth clean on the go always. 


These pocket-sized and disposable brushes come with a built-in, sugar-free peppermint bead in the middle. It also has a soft pick that could help you remove food and other particles at every crevice and in hard-to-reach areas—perfect for when you really want to make sure everything's clean and fresh before going in front of many people. No water? No problem! You can use them without water or rinsing. You'll be done in a jiff.

One bag, which costs P560, contains 24 mini and disposable brushes to keep in your hygiene kits or pouches next to your essentials. 

colgate mini and disposable toothbrush package
PHOTO BY Shopee/Coast To Cart
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colgate mini and disposable toothbrush
PHOTO BY Shopee/Coast To Cart
colgate mini and disposable toothbrush package resealable pack
PHOTO BY Shopee/Coast To Cart
colgate mini and disposable toothbrush package resealable pack_3
PHOTO BY Shopee/Coast To Cart

You can find the Colgate Max Fresh Wisp on Shopee.

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