50 Best Planners for 2015

We round up 50 of the best planners to suit every lifestyle and budget.


(SPOT.ph) It’s almost the end of the year, which means it’s time to choose a planner. They’ve become much more than just notebooks that help you keep track of your day. They also double as a motivational diary, a list of goals, and if you’re particularly creative, even a doodle book.


We give you 50 planners to help you organize and look forward to 2015.


For the straightforward




Daycraft Signature Chromatic 2015 Diary (P595)

If the brightly colored covers haven’t won you over, the clean yet colorful design inside just might. There’s plenty of space to write your to-do list, plus a monthly calendar to jot down those important dates.

Available at Fully Booked and Scribe




Daycraft Signature 2015 Diary (P995)

If you’re into Daycraft’s color palette but need more writing space, this version is your best bet.

Available at Fully Booked and Scribe




Daycraft Executive Diary (P1,025)

It’s all the hefty writing space of their Signature edition, but with a wider variety of hues to suit your personality. It also has a hook to keep those precious pages closed.

Available at Fully Booked and Scribe




Miquelrius Agenda Diary 2015 (P344)

Whether you prefer a monochromatic hue or an illustrated cover, Miquelrius has the perfect planner for those who are all business. Plus, they’re small enough to take anywhere.

Available at Fully Booked




365 Days Twelve Months Diary 2015 (P120/P160/P250)

This diary may come in a variety of sizes, but you’ll be sure each version won’t scrimp on writing space.


Available at Fully Booked



Dialogue Diary by Luxe Diaries (P450)

For a no-nonsense, all-business take on planners, make a beeline for the Dialogue Diary. It also includes pages for finances and investments.

Available at Fully Booked




The Left-Hander’s 2015 Calendar (P630)

For the left-handed folks out there, grab this diary so you can jot down your schedule as neatly as possible.

Available at Fully Booked




Everything is Possible Planner 2015 (P598)

Gone are the days of making resolutions and having zero resolve to follow through. Think of this planner as your new life coach; you’ll soon find yourself reaching all those elusive goals.

Available at Fully Booked, National Book Store, and Belle De Jour




Monologue Weekly Diary (P499)

Prefer simpler planners? The Monologue Weekly Diary series provide ample writing space for every day of the week, but have enough personality with their monochromatic colors.

Available at Fully Booked




My Balanced Life

Think of this planner as a guide to pretty much every important aspect of your life. Aside from providing ample space for your to-do list, it also has pages for your goals, a monthly cash flow tracker, and inspirational quotes.

Available at National Book Store


Moleskine Weekly Diary Planner 2014 to 2015 (P895/P1,285/P1,410)

There’s a reason why Moleskine remains one of the most reliable planners out there. It does the job, and gives you plenty of variety to fit your needs and lifestyle. And by variety, we mean color. Lots of color.

Available at National Book Store




Moleskine Monthly Diary Planner 2015 (P700/P1,090/P1,350)

Moleskine also has a line of planners solely for 2015. You can opt for a daily version (P1,025 to P1,350), if you’d want more room to write your memoir. Or whatever else you like, for that matter.

Available at National Book Store



Moleskine Weekly Diary Planner 2014 to 2015 (P940 to P1,320)

The folks over at Moleskine are pretty thorough, so if you’re partial to a diary  planner that covers a couple of months in 2014, they’ve got you covered.

Available at National Book Store



Moleskine Turntable Diary Planner 2014 to 2015 (P940 to P1,320)

Write the agenda for the day your way with their turntable series that spans from the latter months of 2014 to January 2015.

Available at National Book Store




Pocket planners by Papemelroti (P20)

Understated and straightforward, Papemelroti’s newest line of compact calendar planners feature eye-catching typography and their trademark mellow feel.

Available at Papemelroti




Leuchtturm1917 Weekly Planner (P813 to P1,061)

For a company that has been running since 1917, simplicity is key. It also includes an extra booklet to record addresses and special dates, and stickers for labelling the colorful front cover and spine. Choose from a plethora of hues to suit your personality.

Available at National Book Store


For the ones who mix work with play




Witty Will Save The World’s "Relaks, Puso Lang ’Yan, Malayo sa Bituka" Planner (P520)

Heartbroken or looking for love in 2015? This illustrated planner is perfect for the lovelorn and forlorn folks out there, chock-full of witty sayings and humorous musings that will surely keep you and your heart going throughout the year.


Available at Fully Booked




Doodle Planner by Filed (P545)

For those who prefer an extra dose of creativity space in their planners, the compact Doodle Planner by Filed is the one for you. There are plenty of pages for you to unleash your artistic skills.

Available at Fully Booked



Scribble Planner by Filed (P545)

It’s a bit more understated compared to the Doodle variety, but that doesn’t mean they lack in eye candy, either.

Available at Fully Booked



Eskwelahan Planner (P400)

If you’re the type to get bored with your planner about halfway through the year, Eskwelahan planners will solve your dilemma. Each page is colorfully illustrated with fun activities guaranteed to keep you entertained all the way to December. It’s a journal perfect for the young and the young-at-heart.

Available at EsKWELAhan Planner


Blogberry for Yuppies by Stradmore (P574.75)

It’s a planner tailor-made for the young and ambitious employees of Manila. Aside from the usual ample space to fill out, there are also pages that cater to your lifestyle, including a "blog" and money manager section.

Available at National Book Store




Blogberry for Mommy by Stradmore (P574.75)

There’s a personalized planner for everybody, even the busiest of moms. It also has pages to record monthly expenses and enough space for a photo or two with the family.

Available at National Book Store




Blogberry for Foodies by Stradmore (P574.75)

In true Blogberry tradition, they even have planners suited to the foodie lifestyle. With its special sections, you can take note of memorable restaurants and scrumptious eats.


Available at National Book Store


For the creative souls




Belle De Jour Power Planner (P598 to P680)

It’s the planner that literally pays for itself. Organize your life, and score major deals and discounts at salons, spas, coffee shops, and boutiques.

Available at Fully Booked, National Book Store, and Belle De Jour




Design Your Life 2015 Planner (P530)

It’s a visually stunning diary that doubles as a motivational planner. Go ahead, make that change you’ve always wanted. It’s a new year, after all.

Available at Fully Booked and National Book Store




Artists by teNeues (P748)

Culture it up with teNeues’ series of planners that feature notable artists, their history, and art.

Available at Fully Booked




Patchwork Birds and Street Art 2015 by teNeues (P748)

If you’re more partial to quirky and modern art, these planners will be right up your alley.

Available at Fully Booked




Hardbound series by teNeues (P748)

Add some color to your daily schedule with these planners that feature hardbound magnetic covers. They’re functional, long-lasting, and pretty to look at.

Available at Fully Booked



Soft Touch Diary by teNeues (P498 to P698)

For a more muted but equally colorful option, go for the Soft Touch Diary which features an embellished cover and a week-to-week format.

Available at Fully Booked




The 2015 Calendar of Bunny Suicides by teNeues (P748)

If you’re having a bad day, cheer up! It can’t be bad as this poor bunny’s.

Available at Fully Booked




2015 Engagement Calendar by The Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (P748)

Celebrate gorgeous fashion through the ages with a planner that showcases The Costume Institute’s treasures. It’s a perfect diary for fashionistas.

Available at Fully Booked




Posh Planning Calendar (P630)

Never lose sight of your planner again with these brightly colored covers. It’s pretty meets function.

Available at Fully Booked




The Cupcake Calendar (P485)

It’s more than a planner, but not exactly a cookbook. Either way, these cupcake photographs will give you all the more reason to jot down your activities for the day. When your busy work week is done, it’s time to try out those yummy recipes!

Available at National Book Store




Vincent Van Gogh "Love Many Things" (P485)

Keep track of your day-to-day schedule with this simple Van Gogh-themed planner from Graphique de France.

Available at National Book Store



Peanuts 2015 Weekly Diary by Moleskine (P1,220 to P1,545)

Fan of Snoopy and the gang? Grab a limited edition Moleskine notebook featuring your favorite characters! Also available: a weekly 2014 to 2015 edition (P1,280).

Available at National Book Store



Peanuts 2015 Daily Diary by Moleskine (P1,350 to P1,690)

If you find the weekly diary’s space limiting, not to worry! There’s a daily diary featuring the Peanuts gang, too.

Available at National Book Store



Le Petit Prince 2015 Daily Diary by Moleskine (P1,350 to P1,690)

Relive Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s magical tale with a beautifully illustrated cover on their daily diaries.

Available at National Book Store




Le Petit Prince 2015 Weekly Diary by Moleskine (P1,220 to P1,545)

If you go about your business on a weekly basis, there’s a Le Petit Prince Moleskine just for you. Also available: a weekly diary from 2014 to 2015 in green (P1,280 to P1,580).

Available at National Book Store



Star Wars 2015 Weekly (P1,220 to P1,545) and Daily (P1,350) Diary by Moleskine

Get excited for the new Star Wars flick next year (or just get excited for Star Wars in general) with these limited edition Moleskine planners. May the Force be with you. Also available: a weekly 2014 to 2015 edition (P1,580).

Available at National Book Store



Kislap: Kwaderno at Isang Lapis by Alunsina Handbound Books (P1,000)

These handmade, leatherbound planners contain three refillable notebooks (choose between a weekly planner, blank pages, lined, or grid), a felt pocket folder, a charm (choose between four) on an elastic lock, and a special canvas pouch. It’s available in three colors: pink, distressed brown, and sea green. For an additional fee, you can opt to stamp the cover with your initials (P15 per letter) or name (P40 to 80 per text). Delivery fees vary depending on your location.

Available at Alunsina Handbound Books

For the thrill-seeking traveler




Dream Destinations by teNeues (P748)

If you need some travel inspiration, look no further. Work hard and book that plane ticket to your dream destination.

Available at Fully Booked




Navi: Your Life Navigator (P598)

If one of your goals for next year is to travel and explore more, make sure to grab one of these planners. Take your inspiration from the countless adventures you’ll surely have in 2015.


Available at Fully Booked, National Book Store, and Belle De Jour




Monthly Traveler’s Notebook (P2,795)

Don’t let the unusual packaging fool you. These notebooks are a no-frills approach to planning. Add as many pages as you like with individual refills (P559).

Available at Scribe



Weekly Traveler’s Notebook (P2,995)

Like its monthly counterpart, the weekly version also features a leatherbound cover. Its refills (P995) have two options: vertical and memo.

Available at Scribe




Traveler’s Notebook Passport Size (P2,295 to P2,595)

If you dig the simplicity of the Traveler’s Notebook but not the size, there are passport-sized options for you. Monthly (P459) and weekly (P895) refills are also available.

Available at Scribe




Wrangler 2015 Travel Planner

Take the open road and go on an adventure in 2015 with Wrangler. The hardbound travel planner also comes with a set of notepads, sticky notes, and a magnetic bookmark.

Free for every single-receipt purchase of P4,000 of Wrangler products until January 16, 2015


For the caffeine addict




2015 The Giving Journal by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Every year, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf celebrates the spirit of giving back with their line of journals. Be inspired to reach your goals and become the best version of yourself this 2015 with their newest planner lineup.

Available at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Collect 12 stamps to get the journal.



Starbucks 2015 Planner

The planners come in four water-resistant, apron cloth covers with a special name tag, a coffee pin bookmark, and a chalk pen. It also has 15 coupons you can use throughout the year.


Available at Starbucks. Collect 18 stickers or a single receipt bulk purchase of food and other retail items worth at least P7,000 to get the journal.



Dream Journal by Seattle’s Best Coffee

In the immortal words of Stefon from Saturday Night Live, this journal has everything-a soft leather cover, a CD compilation of chill acoustic music, a colorful mouse pad, metal bookmarks shaped like coffee cups, stickers, and coupons for free SBC WiFi, drinks, and food.

Available at Seattle’s Best Coffee. Collect 18 stickers to get the journal.




2015 Planner by Moonleaf Tea Shop (P350)

This year, it’s all about simplicity. Moonleaf channels that same aesthetic into their planner mechanics: get your very own journal with no fuss, no collectible stickers, and no added calories...unless you really want those.

Available at Moonleaf Tea Shop

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