This homemade beauty mist will keep you looking fresh all day

Achieve a dewy and natural glow even when you're running late with this four-ingredient recipe

( We've all been late for something—that class where you can't afford to be tardy anymore or else you fail, or that very important interview or meeting with a V.I.P. Times like those, you simply stop caring about your looks just because getting to your destination on time is what matters most—until your blood pressure goes up and you start to feel your face turn hot and red from all the running, and, well, now you feel even more haggard than before.



Rebecca Casciano, a beauty and wellness coach and makeup artist, shares her recipe for a toning, calming, and redness-busting face mist called the "Healing Beauty Mist." All you need to do is get a two- to four-ounce spray bottle and mix two parts distilled water, one part aloe vera juice, one part rose water, and two to three drops of lavender oil.


How does it work its magic? "Lavender oil and rose water are known to help relax the mind and soothe anxiety. They also have anti-inflammatory, balancing effects when applied to the skin," the Brooklyn makeup artists explains. She adds that the ingredients can heal, balance, and cleanse, which makes it an ideal toner. Just apply it with a cotton ball after washing your face, so it can nourish your skin and remove excess makeup, dirt, and oil.



The next time you find yourself running late, just whip out your spray bottle and spritz away—it will keep your face looking dewy and glowing instead of greasy and red! (You can use it post-workout, too!)


Aloe vera juice is available at Watsons and in supermarkets. Rose water is available at Beauty Bar and in supermarkets.

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