5 Great Beauty Products We Never Tried

... because, well, they're illegal

(SPOT.ph) There are many ways to get beautiful skin—living a healthy lifestyle, establishing an effective skincare routine, seeing a dermatologist, et cetera. But there's apparently another thing that could really help you get healthy, beautiful skin... weed! Except you don't smoke it. 


Cannabis sativa, the plant from which marijuana is derived, contains a fatty acid-rich oil also known as hemp oil, an ingredient that's used in beauty products because it's rich in vitamin D (the only plant that contains vitamin D, in fact), and non-pore clogging agents. Hemp oil is popularly known as anti-inflammatory (which is great for treating acne), helps healthy cell reproduction, and can minimize pores. Plus, it's great for the hair, too! 


Unfortunately, we can't have it in the Philippines. Beauty brands that carry hemp products have pulled them out of their shelves because, well, it's still considered an illegal substance in this country. Here are five great beauty products we never got to try:


Hemp Hand Protector from The Body Shop

4-in-1 Ms. Manage from Snoe Cosmetics

Hemp Body Butter from The Body Shop


Magician's Mask in Lavender & Hempseed from Snoe Cosmetics


Hemp Soap on a Rope from The Body Shop


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