10 Cute Socks with Personality

Probably the easiest way to add attitude to any outfit.


(SPOT.ph) Self-expression can be done in many ways—by dyeing your hair a bold color, by writing a poem, painting a portrait, getting a tattoo, even in the way you dress up. People can get pretty creative when expressing their individuality, and in fashion the possibilities are endless! But there's one trend that we're totally digging—cute socks that keep our toes comfy and happy. From taco-printed socks to the Mario Bros., we rounded up 10 cute socks that we want on our feet:


Mario Bros. socks (P225) from Forever 21 

These retro socks have 8-bit Mario, Luigi, and Goomba printed all over them...what's not to love?


Junk food socks (P199.75) from Iconic Socks

It's everyone's favorite snacks, all in one place. There's pizza, burger, and fries! Yum.


Sausage dog socks (P195) from Topman

Socks are cute on their own, but this pair with dogs as sausages in buns is just exploding with cuteness—it gives "sausage dog" a whole new meaning.



Cow socks (P349) from Proppy Socks

Got good taste in fashion? Milk it with these cow-printed socks!


Rubber Duck socks (P225) from Forever 21

Who says rubber ducks are just for babies during bath time? Rub-a-dub-dub your way through the day in these socks that look like bath time fun!



Jacquard socks set-of-two (P595) from Bershka

These festive socks will make your feet the life of any party!


Floral socks (P199) from Cotton On


Put some flowers on your feet! Add a a "spring" to your step with these floral socks.


Heart socks (P649) from Happy Socks 

Show some love for your feet by dressing them up in these multicolor heart printed socks!


Stay Weird (P249) socks from Factorie

Let your feet inspire you to always stay true to yourself with these statement socks. Weird is waaay better than fake and boring.


Taco socks (P195) from Topman

Two words: Taco. Socks. This electric blue pair covered in tacos screams "be happy because tacos exist!" So if you're having a bad day, just peek at your socks and all will be well.

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