10 Brow Products For Every Budget

Need a little arch support? Check out our picks.


(SPOT.ph) Right now, being able to perfect your brow game is big in the makeup scene. Just how to get those Cara Delevingne arches? Here are the best products that can help take your arches to the next level. Our picks will help you find your best match without having to break the bank.


P300 to P1,000



Etude House Color My Brows (P378)

Why We Like It: The brown and gold tones of this colored mascara can help tint a dark brow. We’re loving all the color choices available, which makes it easier to match your hair hue. 


Best for: Lightening your brow-do. Brows should always be a shade or two lighter on brunettes, so this will be a great way to soften your features. 




Majolica Majorca Brow Customize (P295 for the holder; P350 for sword cut pencil)

Why We Like It: After you buy the case separately, you can choose between a sword cut or super slim-tipped pencil, or brow powder for accessories.

Best for: Girls who like to have options. You can buy three different tips and just switch it up depending on your brow needs!


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K-Palette 1Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eye Brow Liner (P795)

Why We Like It: Don’t let the word "tattoo" scare you. Celebs and beauty experts are raving about this product for good reason. This liquid eyebrow liner fills in sparse spots on your brows for a more natural—and water-resistant—finish.


Best for: Brows that are extra bushy since it gets to those hard-to-reach spots with ease without overdarkening them.


Available at Beauty Bar




Laura Mercier Brow Definer (P795)

Why We Like It: This wax-gel formula coats each strand so it stays put while providing color to create fullness and texture. Perfect for looking polished throughout your nine-to-five work day.


Best for: Sparse-browed ladies who want to make their brows look thicker and create a little more dimension.



MAC Cosmetics Wash and Dry Modern Brow Pro Longwear Waterproof Set (P1,000)

Why We Like It: It's not available until June, but this brush-on gel is highly anticipated because it's waterproof. The non-greasy formula softly sets the hair without making it look crunchy or stiff.


Best for: Those who hate going swimming or getting caught in the rain because it means risking going...brow-less.



P1,001 to P1,500




Smashbox Brow Tech To Go (P1,300)

Why We Like It: This waxy, double-ended pencil keeps your arches in place, thanks to a clear brow gel. Bonus points for the angled tip—it makes it so much easier to score a defined brow shape.


Best for: Girls who are always on-the-go, want to streamline their routine, and don’t like digging through their kikay kit to find products.



Benefit High Brow Glow (P1,200)

Why We Like It: Most women forget that finishing touch to make their brows look a lot better: a little highlighter, perhaps? Use this to make that brow bone pop, add dimension, and create a cleaner finish.


Best for: Someone who likes taking selfies or going to big events where you’ll be in front of the camera. It’ll help you enhance your eyes, so you’ll look even more gorgeous!




Nars Brow Gel (P1,250)

Why We Like It: The glossy gliding gel lets you groom those wild, stray strands with ease. Just apply it directly onto your brows and comb through until your brows are groomed to your liking.


Best for: Your boyfriend! If he has out-of-control brows, this is a subtle way to keep them in place. It’s also good if you want to cop Lily Collins' or Cara Delevingne's looks.


Available at Rustans


P1,501 and above



Urban Decay Brow Box (P1,995)

Why We Like It: The two shades of powder allows you to blend the perfect color for your skin tone. Try sculpting your brows with the clear wax first to flatten and then fill it in with the powder to add 3D density for a pro finish. 


Best for: Those who travel a lot and like to do their brows on-the-go. This palm-sized kit comes with a mirror, two powders, two angled mini brushes, and tweezers.



Available at Calyxta



Anastasia Brow Kit (P3,500)

Why We Like It: According to Oprah and Kim Kardashian's go-to gal for brows, this product comes with everything: precision tweezers, brow powder duo, brow stencils, a double-ended brow brush, and a clear brow gel.


Best for: Women who are serious about perfecting their brow game—and those who are clueless about how to shape them. Those brow stencils are all you need to get the perfect arch every time.


Available at /mupstore.com

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