10 Great Instagram Accounts for Beauty Tutorials

15 seconds can take you a long way


(SPOT.ph) If you're into beauty, we're pretty sure there was a point in your life you locked yourself up in your room and watched hundreds of makeup tutorials on YouTube. You're familiar with Michelle Phan and Lisa Eldridge, and you probably feel like Zoella and Bethany Mota are your besties. You'd also know that watching tutorials would easily take up your entire day if you're that dedicated, but all you really need is 15 seconds and lots and lots of practice.



We share with you 10 great Instagram accounts that will teach you how to keep your brows on fleek, create the perfect winged-liner, master the art of contouring, and more. 


Always wondered how beauty girls perfect their winged-liner? There are many tricks you can try, one of them is drawing the outline first and then filling it in. Check out how @cosmobyhaley does it. Other tricks include using tape or a spoon as a wing guide.



This tutorial by @iluvsarahii will help you achieve the smoky eye without making you look like a raccoon.




Want to be able to say "brows on fleek" and mean it? Check out this quick tutorial by @MakeupByAn. All it takes is a steady hand to perfect that arch! While you're at it, check out our list of 10 great brow products.



A lot of makeup artists mix two (sometimes even three) shades of lipstick to create a fresh new color, but how is this trick done? Let @makeupby_isela show you!





There are some really quick nail-art tutorials on Instagram, too. Check out how @nailsbysophiaa created these electric lightning nails.




Don't know how to work with glitter makeup but still want to achieve that dreamy look? @melisabella shows us how not to overdo it. We'd wear this look every day!




Want to learn how to mattify any lipstick? It's really easy! @ellarie just uses translucent powder in this video.



If you're a beginner, contouring is probably one of the things that you're scared to try. We know what you're thinking: How can these colors blend perfectly without making you look like you have three different skin tones? This tutorial by @paox33 will clear things up for you.




Channel your inner mermaid by painting your pout a pretty ombre! See how @DanaPackett combines three dreamy colors.



Looking for a video that doesn't only focus on one part of the face? @MakeupByDenise squeezes in her seven-step makeup routine in a flash (15 seconds to be exact).


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