10 Manila Essentials for the Rainy Season

...aside from a cuddle buddy!


(SPOT.ph) The rainy season is starting to make its presence felt, and if you've lived in Manila forever, you'd know that it only takes two minutes of a downpour for the roads to collect water and start flooding—and that basically means you're stranded in your building (or vehicle) for the next two or more hours. We list down 10 essentials that will help you stay sane and brave the rain (as well as the flood that comes with it).



Transparent Dome Umbrella (P890) from Parfois

The only time it makes sense to use a transparent umbrella is when it's raining! This dome-shaped one will keep your head dry even under rain showers. 



Pocketable Hooded Jacket (P790) from Uniqlo

Who says you can't be a bouncing ball of sunshine during a heavy downpour? This bright, pocketable hooded jacket can be folded into a small bag so it's easy to carry around. You'll be easy to spot, too, in case of an emergency!


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Rain Boots (P1,599) from Collective

Brave the storm in style! These rain boots are so edgy, it's tempting to wear them even when it's just drizzling outside. 



Snack Bag (P895) from Quirks

It's important to have a stash of food in case you're stranded in a place where there's nothing to eat. This one is inspired by the American tradition of carrying lunch in a brown paper bag (it's water-resistant!). Fill it with granola bars or crackers so you won't go hungry.  


Scarf (P899) from H&M

So what if you don't have a cuddle buddy? You're an independent woman who has a nice little scarf to keep you warm! You get lots of style points, too.





Water Bottle (P650) from KOR

Always, always have a water bottle with you. Drinking water will help keep the sniffles away during the rainy season, and it will help you stay hydrated when you're stranded in the middle of nowhere! 


Maxco Powerbank (P1,500) from PowerhouseMNL

Power outages are inevitable, especially when half the city is covered in water. Always have a powerbank (that's charged) to keep your gadgets alive! Tip: Place them in a Ziploc bag to make them waterproof.



Water-resistant Earphones (P4,800) from Yurbuds

Waiting for the flood to subside? There's nothing like music to pass the time! Earphones exist! Don't be a kapalmuks. Plus, you can keep them on while standing outside.


Mediplast First Aid Kit (P275) from Mercury Drug

There will be times when you decide to #YOLO and walk barefoot in the flood because your shoes are new. Always have a mini-first aid kit and alcohol with you in case in you need to brave a flood on foot.




Light Pink Raincoat (P1,995) from Zara

If you want to look stylish 24/7 even in the middle of a thunderstorm, this chic raincoat is what you need. It's a pretty pastel pink that will help you stay dry and keep you looking fabulous.
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