Which nail polish color matches this shoe best?

First it was #TheDress, now it's #TheShoe.


(SPOT.ph) Remember when The Dress broke the Internet a few months back? What felt like a perpetual debate between Team Black and Blue and Team White and Gold quietly mellowed out, thank goodness. But a new color dilemma is on the rise, and this time it's a shoe. The Shoe. All we can think of now is....NO. Please stop. Self-doubt it not fun! Why does this keep happening?!!


Twitter user @totallymendes found herself in a state of confusion when she was trying to match nail polish color to her shoes. See for yourself:





So, Spotters, is it the neon pink on the right, or the purple one on the left? @totallymendes has until Sunday to decide, so feel free to help the poor girl out. Our suggestion? Just mix the two colors to get this whole thing over with! 

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