10 Sexy Lingerie Sets for Every Personality

Because sexy doesn't have to mean scant.


(SPOT.ph) They say it’s what’s inside that truly matters. Well, fashion couldn’t agree more. Undergarments may be hidden under the latest trends—that clavicle-baring top or '70s flared jeans—but a woman’s confidence, not to mention the way the clothes will look on the outside, is a reflection of what’s on the inside. Which is why finding the perfect lingerie is important. Look at the undergarment you’re currently wearing and find out what it says about you.



Sky Blue Lace Pair (P1,167) from Etam Lingerie

Perfect for: The Sweetheart a.k.a. teleserye bida


Smelling the flowers, reading books, helping the oppressed, and keeping your zen is your type of thing. You love anything pretty, which is why a lightweight, pastel pair would suit you best.



Invisible Bra (P299.75) and Seamless Low Rise Hipster (P169.75) from Bench Body

Perfect for: The Classy Hubadera a.k.a. akala mo walang suot pero meron


You like showing off your side boob, cleavage, bare back, and overall toned chest area. You might as well forget about wearing underwear altogether, but then decide not to since there are barely-there pasties and seamless variations that suit you best.



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Modern Logo Bralette (P1,400) from Calvin Klein

Perfect for: Sporty Spice a.k.a. big busted girls


If you had a choice, you'd wear Nike sports bras all day, every day because to you, underwires are the most annoying thing ever. You also kick ass in your comfy gartered Calvin Kleins that highlight your toned limbs and arms without showing too much skin.





Natural Fuller Bust Firm Control Body (P1,754) from Debenhams

Perfect for: The Tita of Manila 


All those years of teenage binge-eating has taken a toll on tita’s body. Not to worry dearie, you, the ever-ready tita are always prepared with slimming lingerie, in pristine white, of course.




Cinderella Push-up Bra (P2,048) and Thong (P1,593) from Yamamay

Perfect for: The Queen Bee a.k.a. I’ll use pretty push-ups because I’m flat chested 


You love all the fine things in life, diamonds are your best friends, and only the best lace and scintillating underwear makes you sparkle from the inside out. At least that’s what you think.





Women’s Wireless Bra (P990) and AIRism Lace Hip Hugger (P390) from Uniqlo

Perfect for: The Practical Babe a.k.a. ayoko gumastos for a bra


“Lace is so damn itchy and corsets should’ve been left in the 16th Century! How can anyone breathe in those?” You're always in your T-shirt and jeans anyway so all you need is a basic bra and panty in nude or black to get you through the day.




Logo Racerback Lightly Lined Bra (P2,063) from Victoria's Secret

Perfect for: The Beach Bum a.k.a. gusto lang maghubad


If you had a choice, you'd be in a bikini every day. You sport your skivvies to slumber parties because it’s way too hot in Manila. It’s also why you're always in bright hues and are photogenic as heck.





Lightly Lined Balconnet Bra (P1,910) and Mini Cheeky Panty (P134) from La Senza

Perfect for: The Feisty Female a.k.a. The girl you love to hate


You like taking things in your own hands, matters of the bed included. Red is not just for Valentine’s Day: it’s your daily confidence booster under your favorite bodycon. You have a reputation to keep, you know.




Lace Bustier (P899) and Shape Briefs (P599) from H&M 

Perfect for: The Fashionista a.k.a. Miss Show Off


You bring your A-game in all things fashion to the point that you wear trendy lingerie as a top just to feel swanky. Also, to show everyone that you can.





Lightly Lined Merrywidow (P2,670) from La Senza

Perfect for: The Secretive Belle a.k.a. nasa loob ang kulo

You're shy on the outside but a total hottie on the inside. Other people never know what’s running through your head, so they should know better than to be fooled by your innocent face—you have secrets only that lucky guy will get a chance to see. At least that’s what you tell them.

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