10 Things We're Loving Now: Lipstick Markers, a Desk Vacuum, a Light-Up Darth Vader + more

Be your sexiest and your not-so-sexy self


(SPOT.ph) This week, we have a book that inspires you to be your sexiest self and a shirt that, well, does the exact opposite. Plus, the most fashionable keychain ever (it's a storage device too, before you a balk at the price), the most stylish edition of The Scarlet Letter, and magic markers that look like lipsticks!



Bianca the Hippo Notepad Holder (P629)

Make your office desk a little less corporate, a little more cheerful with Bianca the Hippo, who can hold your notepad in her back and your notes—or pen—in her mouth. All while flashing a happy smile, of course.  Joanna Manalastas, editor-in-chief


Available at Crate & Barrel




Momax U Bull 4-Port USB Charger (P1,150)

Who doesn't love nifty accessories for all your gadgets? Charge up to four electronic devices simultaneously with one socket outlet...perfect for folks on the go or your next vacation! — Aimee Dacanay, staff writer


Available at Digital Walker


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Diet Shirt (P495)

I pat myself on the back (and belly) and whisper this to myself every time I finish a food review. — Sasha Lim Uy, Eat+Drink section editor


Available at Linya-Linya




LEGO Darth Vader LED Torch (P1,499.75)

Who better to illuminate your room at night than a Sith Lord? His light saber lights up, too!  Joanna Manalastas, editor-in-chief


Available at Hobbes and Landes


Roads Publishing's The Scarlet Letter (P680)

Nathaniel Hawthorne's 1850 classic will never go out of style (just ask the film producers who keep re-envisioning it in coming-of-age films), and I just love this more eye-catching and modern cover that Roads Publishing created to keep it looking fresh. — Sasha Lim Uy, Eat+Drink section editor


Available at www.shopsune.com





Eat Clean Love: The Sexy Chef Cookbook (P295)

Sisters Rachel Alejandro and Chef Barni Alejandro-Rennebeck share inspiring anecdotes and easy-to-follow recipes in their newest cookbook. Whether or not you're a kitchen whiz or health nut, the vibrant food photographs will be enough to get you going. — Loren Evangelista, managing editor

Available at leading bookstores



Bookend (P599)

Whether you have a bad habit of collecting books and not reading them or you just want to always have something new to read, this bookend will surely inspire you...to buy more books! — Jamie Sanchez, editorial assistant

Available at H&M



Lippy Markers (P395)

I love quirky school supplies, and these markers masquerading as lipsticks are just too cute to resist! Each pack comes with four different colors. — Aimee Dacanay, staff writer


Available at Quirks



Jonathan Adler Keychain with 4G USB (P2,061)

Should you find yourself losing your keys quite a lot and missing some important files, (oh, and maybe up for a sudden splurge) then this precious keychain is for you. — Loren Evangelista, managing editor

Available at National Book Store




Zamboni Desk Vacuum (P1,395)

Keep your desk tidy and dust- and crumb-free with this Zamboni desk vacuum! It's a miniature version of the ice resurfacer (the ones used in ice skating rinks!)—because we know you've always wanted to ride 'em. — Jamie Sanchez, editorial assistant


Available at Quirks

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