The 10 Things You Need to Pack When You Travel

Consider this your packing checklist.


( If packing isn't exactly your forte (admit it, some people are just packing masters—hi, mom!), then it's probably the thing you dread the most when you're about to fly or sail to a different place. It may be because you struggle with making things fit into your luggage (check out our packing hacks) or you get anxious about the thought of leaving something very important behind. Don't worry, because as long as you have these 10 things packed, you're good to go.


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We don't even have to explain this. Pack just enough, layer up during the flight, and maybe consider repeating your jeans so it won't take up much luggage space—a.k.a. you're going to need that space for all the shopping you're about to do. 


Nude Cosmetics Bag (P995) from Claire's

Toiletries Bag

If your hotel will provide toiletries during your stay and you don't want to spend on them when you get to your destination, the best thing to do is bring your own. Pack all your mini-containers of products (cleanser, moisturizer, toner, sunscreen, deodorant, lotion, perfume) in one bag that you can just grab and put in your luggage. 



Powerbank and Charger

Traveling calls for lots of IG-worthy photos and Twitter updates (hey, six people you know are in the same country!). Keep your phone and camera juiced up by packing a powerbank, chargers, and a universal adaptor if you need one.


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Because you can never be sure about the weather. Besides, you don't want to waste time getting stranded on a sidewalk and having to unnecessarily spend money on an overpriced umbrella.


Medicine Kit

Isn't this so very tita of us? But really, a medicine kit is one of the things you can't leave behind when you travel. Load up on the Vitamin Cs and antihistamines just in case you start getting the sniffles (hello, temperature change!) or allergic reactions. And diarrhea tablets, for very urgent emergencies.



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Sling Bag

You may have to carry your everyday bag with your wallet, phone, snacks, (and everything else you lug around daily) when you head to the airport, but pack a sling bag in your luggage. Use it to carry only your necessities when you get to you destination—trust us, you'll only need your phone, cash, and hotel room keys, anyway.



Whether you prefer packing your own underwear or the disposable ones, this item is a must-pack. Non-negotiable. Also, bring extra.


Suede Flat Sandals (P1,475) from Mango

Extra Footwear

Sometimes, your feet need to take a breather. Lose the socks and sneakers and change into a pair of flats and bask in the comfort. Go for something light (or foldable!) so it doesn't take too much space or add weight to your baggage.


Extra Plastic Bags

If you don't have a laundry bag, pack plastic bags that are large enough so you can segregate your dirty clothes or other articles that are wet like swimsuits, face towels, and even dirty shoes.



Taupe Makeup Bag (P599) from H&M

Makeup Kit

You don't have to pack your entire stroller of beauty products. When traveling, it's best to have a makeup bag that carries the products you need for your everyday makeup look. We suggest just packing a compact powder, a brow kit, mascara, and a really pretty lippie!


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