The secret to a super matte pout not using matte lipstick?



( Okay, okay. We know you're confused. But isn't makeup really confusing, anyway? All those brushes and complex contouring methods...but anyway, going back to our topic: Matte lips. Super matte lips that don't involve matte lipsticks. You're probably thinking "Ah, it's that translucent powder trick again" but nope, not this time. 


It's got something to do with powder, though. Now that we think about it, there's actually a very simple science behind this beauty hack—how else can you get a perfect powdery matte pout if not with actual powder? We mean loose, colored powder a.k.a. your blush! 


Yadim, global makeup artist for Maybelline New York, used the trick on some models for New York Fashion Week, and the result is a velvety matte pout. Check it out:


Photo via Refinery29


For this look, he pressed on dry, red powder pigment on top of a layer of liquid lipstick—he shares that pure-red blush powder will also do the trick. So if you haven't found the perfect matte lippie, it's probably because you've been looking in the wrong makeup section. It's good to think outside the box, girls!

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