5 Cool Things You Didn't Know About Penguin

We mean the brand, not Benedict Cumberbatch's favorite animal.


(SPOT.ph) You probably know it as a "Daddy brand" but Original Penguin—simply known as just Penguin—caters not just to daddies. They've got pretty hip prints on their iconic golf shirts and polos that even your boyfriend (or you) can wear! The brand is celebrating their 60th anniversary with a very special collection coming out next month. But first, here are five things you didn't know about Penguin.



Their products are made from...everywhere.

From China to India to Indonesia to Bangladesh to Turkey to the Philippines, their pieces are actually made from all over the globe—and their swimwear products are made in our very own country!


They weren't always called Original Penguin.

You can actually tell someone's age if they call the brand something else...like "Grand Slam" and "Munsingwear." Munsingwear was a company that produced a golf shirt with a penguin logo in 1955 and it became very popular. So if you hear someone looking for "Grand Slam," that person's probably been around for a while.




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It's the first time they're using a gold emblem.

For their 60th Anniversary capsule collection, Penguin embellishes their pieces with their iconic penguin logo in gold—it's the first time they're doing this, making the limited edition collection very special. The collection will be available on October 15.


The brand came to the Philippines six years ago.

...a.k.a. they've been the go-to shop for daddies, and for people finding gifts for daddies for six years. Shopping hack: Girls, if you find something you want for yourself in the men's section, just get it in a smaller size! They've got pieces with floral prints, cute drawings, and neon colors that you'll surely want to wear.



They carry super adorable kids wear.

Just look at the cute prints they have on tiny little shirts! We're kinda hoping we could shrink and become kiddie-sized again because they're just so cute. We'd so style our little brothers in these.

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