The Road to Pogi

...according to Frank and Elmo Magalona


( Guys, we know you secretly also think about looking good and wearing nice clothes (at least for your girlfriends). And because we also know you probably spend a lot of time going out, it's important to be wearing comfortable clothes that look stylish, too.


Together with celeb siblings Frank and Elmo Magalona, we went on a quick night out and hung out at some Metro Manila hotspots courtesy of H&M. We also handed over our camera phone to Elmo Magalona so he could snap away at every stop and record the night's events for posterity. 




First stop: H&M showroom to get dressed with Becks

H&M Modern Essentials is a curated line of closet staples, selected by footballer turned fashion icon David Beckham. It’s perfect for any man who wants to build his wardrobe as it takes on the aesthetic of the wearer depending on how it’s styled.



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Elmo shows off his playful side with a wacky mirror OOTD.

Can’t decide on what to wear? Do as Elmo does and let the selfie decide. They do say the camera never lies. (Guys, it took more than three tries to get to this look. Don’t be afraid to experiment to find out what suits you. And always, always get the opinion of you best buddies. By that, we mean friends who are girls.)




Group shot!

What’s a party without your best mates? Frank and Elmo brought six of their friends for this evening’s festivities. Here's a photo of the group wearing their chosen H&M outfits for the night.



The guys get groomed at Felipe & Sons.

Before and after selfies—a little trim makes the difference. It’s all about the upkeep.




The boys pose with their loot from Felipe & Sons—goodies to keep that cut looking fresh.




The ride: The Black Fleet.

Remember “Pimp My Ride?” That’s what this is. Spacious enough to comfortably fit a little over a dozen people, this black van is laid out like a limo and is equipped with disco lights, a mirrored ceiling and a butler. That’s #SquadGoals for the rest of us.




Hanging out at the Smith Butcher and Grill Room

The boys take a selfie by the bar while waiting for a table. Their drink of choice? A New York Sour.




Seated at the table, the waiting game continues.

Elmo snaps a goofy picture of his friend Gino Aganon posed and dressed exactly like David Beckham. (This picture followed us throughout the night. Whattup, Becks?)



The food arrives. The steak is the perfect start to a night of drinking.




Party time at Valkyrie and The Palace Pool Club

The group sets foot in The Palace and starts turning up at Valkyrie—but first, they take a groupfie.



The younger guys see some of their friends and head on over to the Palace Pool Club, while the rest of the party stays in Valkyrie. We call it a night. But first, another groupfie. (Of course.)



The Modern Essentials Collection by David Beckham is now available in stores.

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