10 Beauty Hacks That Will Save You After a Night of Partying

Nobody needs to know what you did last night!


(SPOT.ph) You partied hard and now you're facing the consequences—literally, in the mirror. You look like a filthy trainwreck, and you're probably running late for something very important: your work, an interview, an exam, or a date. This is your life now, and you have to deal with it—fast. We share with you some of the quick fixes you can try the next time you find yourself in this situation.


Moisturizing Lotion (P682) from Cetaphil


Use lotion as makeup eraser

You may or may not wake up in your own bed so you're going to recycle your makeup. We know it sounds gross, but if it's an emergency a.k.a. you don't have your makeup bag with you, then this is your best bet. Create some steam by turning on the hot water and use it to refresh your face. Then, put a bit of lotion on tissue and use it to fix those raccoon eyes.



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Baby powder as dry shampoo

You have zero time to wash your hair, but thankfully, baby powder can do the trick (and almost everyone has it at home). Put a bit of baby powder on your palms and run your hands through your tresses. The powder will absorb the grease and make your locks look fresh and lovely again.



Skin Brightening Daily Scrub (P455) from Aveeno


Exfoliate your skin

If you have a few extra minutes, use an exfoliating scrub on your face to brighten your dull skin. Lack of shut-eye makes your face appear tired and pale-looking, so a good scrub is needed to revive and renew your skin.



Use toilet paper to blot your face

If you're feeling a bit greasy and you don't have oil-blotting paper with you, all you need is tissue. Take a piece and use it to blot over your T-zone and you'll be good to go.




Depuff your eyes using ice

Puffy eyes are hard to deal with, but this trick will nix them in just minutes. Wrap a couple of ice cubes in face towels, wet it with water (so the ice will melt and transfer the cold temperature on to the towel), close your eyes and the towel with ice over your eyelids. The change in temperature will constrict the blood vessels and reduce the swelling.



Rock a half ponytail

Tying your hair away from your face is like a mini face lift, and when you're hungover, that's exactly what you need. If you don't feel like sporting a ponytail, try the half-pony—it flatters almost any face shape and any hair length. 



Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner (P1,150) from Smashbox


Use a flesh-colored eye pencil for brighter eyes

Your eyes will most likely be bloodshot after a night of hardcore partying and lack of sleep. To create an illusion of well-rested peepers, use a flesh-hued eye pencil to line the inner rims of your eyes and a white eyeliner on your waterline. No one will know how much (or how little) shut-eye you got last night!


High Beam (P1,400) from Benefit Cosmetics


Highlight the right places

Your highlighter is your best friend. Brighten up your face by applying highlighter at the top of your cheekbones, down the center of your nose, the inner corners of your eyes (near the tear duct), and on top of your cupid's bow. Blend it well and apply a tinted moisturizer or foundation over it. The key is to use liquid products, because powder will only dry your skin.



Hypercurl Volum Express Mascara (P199) from Maybelline


Add extra coats of mascara to your bottom lashes

Brightening the eyes is key to looking like you're well-rested and not suffering from a hangover. For an extra eye-opening touch, don't neglect your bottom lashes when putting on mascara. After putting on white eyeliner on your waterline, add a few coats of mascara on your bottom lashes (just the center) to really bring out the whites of your eyes.



Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Matte Lippie in Hot Stuff from Happy Skin


Paint your pout a bold color

The trick is to keep the focus away from your tired peepers. Swipe an intense lip color on your smackers—like a bold red or a vivid coral. Go matte, if you have to! Not only will it add a pop color to your face, it'll give you a boost of confidence, too.

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