5 Fun Finds From the Lush Holiday 2015 Collection

Warning: You may end up wanting to eat some of these


(SPOT.ph) Bath time can get fun and Christmasy once again with Lush's Holiday 2015 Collection. This year, it's all about fun and feeling magical with all the sparkle and DIY products (you're going to want to build a snowman). From funky shower jellies and princessy bubble bars, these bath products will definitely tickle your fancy.


Check it out:


Santa's Belly Shower Jelly

Ever dream about showering with Santa's Belly? No? This wobbly shower jelly will definitely change your mind! The deep red jiggly jelly is exploding with golden stars that will really make you feel like magic. It's apple-scented, too, so you can keep smelling sweet and fresh!


Magic Wand Bubble Bar

Now you can be a fairy godmother! This shimmery magic wand is a bubble bar that will turn any bath into a fun, foamy one. Close your eyes, swish your magic wand in your tub to create cotton candy-scented bubbles and a soft pink bath, and say "Aaahhh!"

Snowman Fun

Do you wanna build a snowmaaan? Now you can...in the bath! Build your own snowman soap, shampoo, and bubble bath (yup, this snowman is all three in one!). 


Snow Fairy Dusting Powder

Faith, trust, and pixie dust? This sweet, sparkling, pink dust will keep your skin sparkly (no Edward Cullen vibes here, don't worry), sweet, and fresh. 


Butterbear Bath Bomb

This cute bear promises and explosion of cocoa butter and a sweet vanilla fragrance in your bath so you can give the softest bear hug ever!



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