Here's the secret to making your new heels painless

And no, it doesn't involve taping your toes together!



( Ever wonder how some people can last a day wearing high heels when you can't even last 30 minutes without cursing the height gods for making you short and the shoe gods for not making them even a teensy bit comfortable? Well, the thing is, they're not made to give you comfort—they're made to give you a height boost and make you look cute...even if that means suffering from blisters and aching feet.


But you don't have to go through all that suffering. Shoe expert Meghan Cleary told Bustle all about her super simple trick that will allow your feet to be pain-free for up to four hours. The best part is that it's free, and you probably already have what you'll need—hand lotion!



Ultimate Care Hand Cream All-Day Moisture (P650) from Burt's Bees


Here's what to do: First, run your feet through cool water. Next, dry them off but only until they're damp. While they're damp, apply hand lotion on your feet. It's that simple! Cleary says that the water and lotion will act as a lubricant, preventing your feet from painful rubbing—which is what results in blisters. So the next time you put on a sky-high pair, keep this trick in mind!

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